Meet The Blogger


So, I like books. A lot. In fact, most of my time is spent reading. I love words. I love escaping my own reality and entering another’s. I love the adventures and lives I get to experience through reading. This blog is going to be all about books – my reviews, recommendations, upcoming releases to keep an eye on, film adaptations of books, and pretty much anything else that has to do with books.

First, to get to know me, my name is Alyssa. I am 18 years old, just graduated high school, and am a college sophomore at the University of Rio Grande, to which I received a 4-year, full-tuition scholarship. My major is English – I intend to be an editor, but hopefully can become an author one day. I’m also minoring in Photography.

My hobbies are vast and random. I love to read (obviously) and write, participate in sports, play video games, watch movies, religiously follow television shows, play piano, bake yummy desserts, and, of course, waste hours upon hours on the internet. How I find the time to read so many books, I do not know…

I work at the McDonald’s in my small town, and have for over a year now. I take leaves of absences to go to college, but I always go back to work during my breaks.

I do have a tumblr, and I have a Goodreads as well, but other than that, I’m not really on social media.

I’ve been reviewing books for awhile now; I was the official book reviewer at my high school during my senior year, and when I got my Goodreads account I started writing reviews for almost every book I read. If you want to see all of my old reviews, check out my Goodreads. I’ll probably post some of my reviews that I’ve already done in a little bit. I’ll be posting all my future reviews on here as well as Goodreads from now on. I read a lot – lately I’ve been reading up to 4 books per week.  School starts soon, however, so that’ll probably change, but I’ll never stop reading.

So, that’s just a little bit about me. I hope you like books, because if so, I’m going to give you a ton of books to add to your to-read list. Get ready.

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