Trip to the bookstore

I’m on vacation in West Virginia right now, and yesterday my family and I went shopping. We passed this bookstore and, duh, I made my dad turn the car around so that I could spend my time and money there. After searching the aisles, I finally decided upon two books:


I have all of the first five book in the Mortal Instruments series, so I had to buy the final installment, which I’m super pumped to read. Also, I read Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it, so I thought I’d give another of her novels a try. Can’t wait to read City of Heavenly Fire and Dark Places. I spent almost $40 on just these two books. That’s a lot of hours spent at McDonald’s.

Worth it.

4 thoughts on “Trip to the bookstore

    1. I know!! Same here. That’s why I really wanted to go in. Honestly I prefer Barnes & Noble, but it was still a good store.


      1. Honestly if actual book stores ever go out of business, and we stop printing books, I’ll cry. I love my Kindle, but I need print as well.

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