No One Else Can Have You | book review


Title: No One Else Can Have You
Author: Kathleen Hale
Publisher: HarperTeen
Publication Date: January 2014
Rating: 1.5 stars

What first captured my attention about this novel was the cover. I mean, it’s a sweater with purple moose? And one of them is hanged? What?

So yeah, I like the cover.

The novel itself, however, I liked less. A lot less, unfortunately. I’ve been a bit into mysteries recently, especially since reading Gone Girl. Okay, so I knew this YA mystery wasn’t going to come nearly as close to perfection as Gone Girl, but still, I had a little higher of expectations than what I received.

The writing style was okay. I think it seemed a little immature and, at times, boring. My main issue was that the author used the word “like” a lot, even outside of dialogue, such as writing the thoughts of the main character. That bugged me. The general populous uses the word “like” as a filler for pretty much anything anymore, and it annoys me to death.

The characters were…interesting, to say the least. They all had these annoying quirks in their dialogue. Kippy’s father, Dom, was probably my least favorite. He never calls her “Kippy;” instead, he’ll call her some awful nickname like “Pimple” or “Cactus” or something absolutely random and strange. Also, Kippy is sixteen, but the way she talks and acts makes her seem like a thirteen or fourteen year old. It got annoying pretty fast. The only character I really liked was Sir Albus – she was great.

To be honest, I did not like Kippy at all – and she’s the main character. Do you know how hard it is to read a book in first-person when you can’t stand the main character??? I have this pledge to myself to always finish a book, and it was so hard to finish this one. Kippy was pretty dumb in most situations.

Something I really liked, however, was how uncooperative the law enforcement was in this novel. My mom has taught me all my life never to trust cops, and how they can be manipulative and conniving and lazy, etc. Sometimes I find it hard to believe, because, hello, they’re cops, they’re supposed to be on my side. But no, they’re usually not, and I liked how this book showed how, especially in small towns, there can be huge biases and a lot of laziness.

I also liked that I didn’t guess the correct suspect. I hate when a mystery is so obvious, you can easily spot the murderer and figure out exactly what’s going to happen. I thought this novel was going to be like that, but then there were some twists, and things happened that I didn’t expect. I liked that.

Really, the last 10% of this book was the only part that really had me flying through pages. The rest, I had to force myself to read on.

However, I gave it one and a half stars and not just one because some of it was interesting and actually likable. Unfortunately, I don’t exactly recommend it to anybody, because it’s not really worth it.

(read on August 06, 2014)

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      1. I dunno, I don’t really like Tobey Maguire much haha I mean I really liked the old ones, but I think the new ones are amazing, and Andrew Garfield is great, same with Emma Stone.


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