My last day at home

Tomorrow, I leave for college. Back in May, after I graduated high school, people kept telling me “time will fly” and “move-in day will be here before you know it.” I mostly just pushed the thought of college out of my mind, except for those days when I was pissed off at home and I repeated “soon I’ll be leaving” over and over. However, today is my last day at home, and the big day has finally come. I am filled with so many emotions, it’s hard to separate them.

But today I am not moving in, so I don’t have to face all that yet. Today is my last day at home, and I’m wondering how exactly I should spend it. My parents are divorced, and my family is scattered throughout the state, so I can’t exactly spend time visiting everyone and saying goodbye. I don’t really have many friends, other than my co-workers, so I can’t go on a last big adventure with anyone. Also, I kind of have more packing to do, and I have to go to work from 4 to close (which is roughly between 12 and 1 in the morning), so my window of “doing things” is short, seeing as it’s already 10am. 

I’ll be home for holiday breaks, and my family will come visit me some days, but I know I’ll be homesick from day 01. I think today, after I pack, I’ll hang out with my younger brother. I feel really bad for him – our older brother just graduated from college and moved out, now that he has a big-boy job, and I leave tomorrow. He’s the youngest sibling, and now, he’s going to be without his brother and sister. I can’t imagine… I know I’ll be lonely as hell without any of my siblings. It’s going to be an adjustment. 

I’ll also say goodbye to all my co-workers tonight; that’s going to be tough. Although working at McD’s isn’t exactly great, I love the people, and it’ll be sad not seeing them every day. Good thing I have some great people to work with on my last shift tonight.

Honestly, it’s going to be a weird day. All I’ll be thinking about is tomorrow – I’m not going to be able to focus. I’m scared and nervous and sad, but I’m also excited and happy and curious. I don’t exactly know how to spend today… For everyone else, it’s just a normal day, but for me, it’s the day I’ve been dreaming of for years: my last day at home.

Hm. Maybe I’ll just read.

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