Panic | book review


Title: Panic
Author: Lauren Oliver
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: March 2014
Rating: 3 stars

Unfortunately, I started reading this book right before I moved to college, hence why it took me so long to finish this. Not only have I been busy with schoolwork, but I’ve also been busy with Netflix.

Anyway, onto my review.

Panic is about a game, coincidentally called Panic. Every summer, the day after high school graduation, all the graduates compete in a game to win a lot of money. Mystery judges are selected, and all the contestants compete against one another in various challenges given to them. One by one, contestants are eliminated. Nat is playing for a bright future. Dodge is playing for revenge. And Heather, she’s willing to do anything to get her and her sister away from their mother. But how far will they go? Will they really risk their lives for a game? Will they risk others lives?

I thought the concept of Panic was really interesting. I think the best part of this novel was the characters; they were all unique and fun to read about. I think the writing was a little lackluster…some parts seemed to just drone on and on, only to be brought back to life by an exciting event here and there. Not my favorite, but then again, not my least favorite. I’m just upset it took me so long to finish.

Favorite Quote: “But maybe you carried your demons with you everywhere, the way you carried your shadow.”

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