Dark Places | book review


Title: Dark Places
Author: Gillian Flynn
Publisher: Shaye Areheart Books
Publication Date: May 2009
Rating: 5 stars


Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl left me speechless. It had me flipping page after page, only to reach the end, throw the book across the room (gently, but angrily), and curl up in a ball to ponder life. Well, I can honestly say that Dark Places made me relive that day.

Speaking of days, this novel tells the story of little Libby Day, the sole female survivor of the “the Satan sacrifice” of Kinnakee, Kansas. The only other survivor of the massacre is Ben, Libby’s older (and only) brother, and the man found guilty of the crime.

“The Satan sacrifice” happened in the early hours of January 03, 1985. Michelle Day was strangled in her bed. Debbie Day was chopped up with an ax. And mother Patty Day was sliced with an ax and shot in the head with a 12-gauge. Libby escaped, hid by the pond on their property, and ended up losing a finger and a few toes due to frostbite. Unfortunately, she had also lost her entire family.

Ben was found guilty, and has been locked up for the past 25 years. Case closed – until Libby begins to question her testimony and the evidence. Libby hunts down the people involved with that night, and uncovers secrets that might just put her in danger all over again.

I love mysteries, and Gillian Flynn’s books are mysteries that I just can’t get sick of. I speed through the pages and scream at them along the way. I love Flynn’s mysteries because you think you know what’s going on, you think you know the twist, and then all of a sudden nothing is what you thought, and you’re suddenly immersed in a story that you aren’t quite sure where it’ll end up.

I’ve now read all of Flynn’s novels (Sharp Objects, Dark Places, Gone Girl) and I have to say, I have enjoyed them all. Gone Girl and Dark Places are probably tied for my favorite, but wow. You know when you finish a book and all you can think is wow, it must have been a damn good book.

Favorite Quote: “Draw a picture of my soul, and it’d be a scribble with fangs.”

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