Status update + huge apology

I never realized how much work it is being an English major. I’m in my sophomore year of college, and all these upper-level classes take a lot of work. This past semester was my first living on campus, and I took 18 credit hours. It was intense. I apologize for not blogging any reviews, but unfortunately, I hardly read a thing during that semester. I was too busy. However, I am on winter break, and although I’ll be working, I’ll have a ton of time to read. I just finished Glass by Ellen Hopkins an hour or so ago, and I’m about to start the last book in the trilogy, Fallout. Then I’ll be reading another one of Hopkins’ books, which I will write a review for and post as soon as possible. I’m really not that into Hopkins, but I read Crank a long time ago and it felt wrong to leave the series unread. Plus, my roommate had a bunch of her books and let me borrow them. So anyway, just want to let you guys know I am still a book geek, and will still be posting reviews! I just need to force myself to make time. Hopefully I can fly threw Fallout and get started on my next book for review. Thank you to anyone who has followed me – it means a lot.

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