Welcome 2015


Happy New Year to you all. Unfortunately, I did not meet my goal of reading 100 books during the year of 2014…I went to college, got lazy, and stopped reading almost completely (except for textbooks, of course). I’m pretty happy with the amount of books I did read, though – 89 is a lot, especially while juggling my senior year of high school, my sophomore year of college, and a part-time job at McDonald’s during the first half, summer college classes and my job during the summer, and my junior year of college during the last half. It was a pretty hectic year. I am glad to start over, though, and begin 2015 with another goal of 100 books.

The first book of the year that I read was Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford.

The last book of the year that I read was Zac and Mia by A. J. Betts.

And all 87 books in between were well worth my time (even if I didn’t like some of them).

To any of you following my blog that I started this year, thank you, it means so much to me. Thank you for following, reading, or liking any of my reviews.

Here’s to a new year, hopefully filled with many good reads.

11 thoughts on “Welcome 2015

  1. Oh I know what you mean! Having a busy life can interfere with reading. But hey! 86 books is a great accomplishment 🙂 I wish I could remember all the books I read as well as you haha! Suicide notes sounds like a good novel


    1. Yes it certainly can!! It’s a shame, too, because I’d much rather spend my days reading than being busy with other things. And you should definitely try keeping track of your books on Goodreads! That’s how I remember all the ones I read, and its great because it gives you recommendations and other cool things. Suicide Notes is great though, it’s a little like It’s Kind Of A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini. I recommend it!


      1. I actually do have a goodreads account, so i will definetley try to keep track of my books through there! Hmm i will look it up as soon as possible. Thanks for replying 🙂


      2. You should! And I definitely recommend using the yearly challenge. Setting a goal for the amount of books you hope to read is a great way to stay motivated. And thankyou for commenting! It makes my day


      3. Ive heard of the yearly challenge, but only until now do i understand the real meaning! So i will try to do that. I think what is holding me back in setting a specific goal is the fact that i try to look for books that are available to download for free since i rarley ( if ever) have the spare change to actually buy books that have held my attention for awhile! XD. Of course! Anytime! I know the excitement one feels from getting a reply or comment!


      4. Money is definitely an issue. Have you tried using the Ohio Digital Library? It’s amazing, I use it all the time. You can use it on tablets or on your internet browser on the computer. It’s free(: it’s great to use when you’re low on cash. I always check the ODL before buying a book.


      5. Ahh ok! Well i will definetly try to get a library card and go from there! Thanks! Ive also heard of overdrive so i was planning on checking that out as well. In tge meantime, im just using amazon & freebooksy to find any free books that are available


      6. Oh yes, Overdrive is the app that lets you get on the Digital Library. It’s great. You should definitely look into it. I hope you can read many good books this year!


      7. Im just looking it up right now and Overdrive was the first suggestion that popped up! Haha. I definetly will once i get around to getting a library card. Thank you for the suggestion! And yes, with so many recommwndations, im sure i will! Hope you find good gems as well!

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