What Lies Within | book review


Title: What Lies Within
Author: James Morris
Publisher: Kindle Press
Publication Date: June 2015
Rating: 4 stars

Many thanks to the author, James Morris, for gifting me a Kindle version of his book in exchange for an honest review. Not only do I love free books, but I especially love getting them from the authors themselves. Thank you!

Senior year is tough – it’s ending a huge stage of life and entering another. It’s saying goodbye to the people you’re used to seeing every day. It’s taking your first few steps towards who you want to be in life and what you want to do. All of this alone is enough of a struggle for Shelley Marano, a girl who just wants to get accepted into a college and figure out what she wants to do with her life. But then she gets a text message from a brother she never knew she had, telling her she was adopted as a baby and is in mortal danger. Suddenly, Shelley’s life begins to spiral out of control. She used to be Shelley Marano, a senior in high school working at her dad’s auto body shop and blowing things up with her best friend Winston. But now she doesn’t know who she is anymore. Who are her birth parents? What happened to her supposed brother? And why is she in danger?

Is she still just Shelley Marano?

I was pleasantly surprised with this YA thriller – I enjoyed it so much I ripped through it in two days. This is my first experience reading Morris’s work, and I hope he continues writing so that I may have the chance of reading more. This novel was fast-paced and such a page-turner; I could barely put it down and got angry every time I was forced to do so. The plot was definitely unique – test tube babies, science experiments gone wrong, assassins, friendzones and crushes on douchebags, tons of action… this book has it all and held my attention through every chapter. The characters were fully developed and mostly likable. Shelley made some really stupid decisions that I wanted to strangle her for, so did Winston and her dad and Remy and so on, but I think that’s what makes a good book – it creates tension and makes for an interesting story. It emotionally engages you. Even if that emotion is anger and befuddlement.

The ending was curious and left me to wonder if a sequel will ever be in the making? If so, I will gladly read it. I’m in the middle of reading Atlas Shrugged, a hefty, slow-paced novel. I was glad to take a break to read What Lies Within and was thrilled at how it made my heart race and forced my brain to work out the mystery. I was yearning for a thriller and am very happy to have read such an interesting one. Thankyou again, James, for sending me your book! I would never turn down a free book. Books are my life.

…and now I will continue to question who I really am and what really lies within me. Except I’m pretty sure I’m just a loser who loves books too much.

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