Happy Blogiversary to Me!

Hello my lovely followers. One year ago today, I created this little blog in hopes that it would motivate me to read more. I’m the kind of girl who has a million hobbies. I’m also the kind of girl who can easily get side-tracked by things like Netflix, video games, and tumblr. Literature is a huge part of my life and I want to make sure it stays towards the top of my priority list. I love reading and I love writing – what better way to combine the two than writing book reviews? I know I say this a lot, but I really do appreciate anybody who reads, likes, and/or comments on any of my posts, and I especially love anyone who follows me. So thank you 10000000x.

A year(ish) ago I posted an introductory post about the blogger – me. So I guess since today is my 1 year anniversary, I may as well give you guys an update on me and my life. I would have posted this earlier in the day, but here I am, a year later, still working at McHell — I mean, McDonald’s… — and I worked a 10-hour shift. So, there’s that.


I turned 19 this year and it was my best birthday yet. I got to spend it with all my new college friends the night before packing up and going home for the summer. It was amazing and I will always remember it.

Although it wasn’t my first year taking college courses (I took classes at Ohio University for my last two years of highschool), it was my first year at Rio Grande, as well as my first year living in a dorm. I ended up going through two roommates before finally settling in with my third and final roommie of the year who, by the way, is an amazing woman whom I hope to keep in touch with. She won’t be returning to Rio with me this upcoming year, but she made my first year there a great one. My favorite memory is probably the night she randomly turned to me and said, “Let’s buy fish.” So we did. And I still have them with me, our lovely fish-children, Ghoti (pronounced ‘fish’ – it’s an English major joke) and Chip. I made a lot of great friends who will be returning, though, and I can’t wait to go back.

This upcoming year I will technically be considered a junior. I’ll be taking 20 credit hours the first semester and will probably internally combust due to so much stress. I’ll also be pledging a sorority, which I’m actually quite terrified to do even though I’m close friends with many of the girls. Oh, and I was voted to be this year’s Vice President of Sigma Tau Delta – the English Honor Society. Pretty sweet, huh? I’m hoping to start a book club! We’ll see how that goes.

I’ve got a great year ahead of me, I can feel it. A great year of books, as well, both for entertainment and for school. I’m not sure how I accumulated over 120 followers, but I am grateful and hope you guys can find some good recommendations from my blog. Thanks for reading my opinions and such, and stay tuned for many, many, many more reviews.

3 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary to Me!

  1. I wish you luck with starting the book club! I always wanted to start/be apart of one but I am so particular about what I read and I can’t force myself to read things I don’t want to.

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