Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors


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Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors

#10: Suzanne Collins
Although I’ve only read The Hunger Games series, I would most definitely pick up anything else Collins published. The series is easily one of my favorites and I think she is a fantastic writer. Hopefully she graces us with another YA novel/series someday soon.

#9: Jeyn Roberts
The Dark Inside series is one of those series that drove me absolutely crazy, flipping pages at a rapid pace while on the edge of my seat – and it’s not even completed yet. You have no idea how ready I am for the third installment. Hint: beyond ready. As soon as it’s published I am snatching that up, as well as anything else Roberts publishes. She is a master of literature.

#8: Isaac Marion
Although a lot of people call Warm Bodies the zombie-version of Twilight, it is easily one of my favorite zombie books. Yes, I know, love is the cure, how sappy, blah blah, but I think it’s clever, cute, and a great spin on the zombie apocalypse. Plus, there’s still action and blood and gore!!! I can’t wait for the sequel, and I look forward to reading Marion’s short-stories and other writings on his blog. Plus, he’s really cute 

#7: Rainbow Rowell
I’ve only read Eleanor & Park, but her other novels (like Fangirl and Landline) are on my tbr list. I thought Eleanor & Park was beautifully written and very impactful for a YA novel and I think her other novels will prove to be just as fantastic. Can’t wait to read more!!

#6: Gayle Forman
If I Stay and its sequel touched my heart in ways most books cannot, and the film adaptation makes me sob. Gayle Forman is a great storyteller and knows how to expertly tug on reader’s heartstrings. I look forward to reading her other books which are buried in my tbr list.

#5: James Dashner
Among The Hunger Games, James Dashner’s The Maze Runner is one of the best YA dystopian series I’ve read. When I heard there would be film adaptations, I could not contain my excitement, especially when it was announced Dylan O’Brien would be Thomas  Dashner’s other series, The Morality Doctrine, is pretty good as well (though I’ve only read The Eye of Minds). The point is, he is a great writer and I will auto-buy whatever he writes.

#4: Patrick Ness
I cannot praise Patrick Ness enough. His novel More Than This blew my mind and left me speechless. A Monster Calls left me in tears. I know he has a new novel coming out and believe me, I will rush to the shelves to buy it. His writing is flawless, his stories are crazy imaginative, and the messages embedded in each novel are powerful and important. Ness is amazing. End of story. Period.

#3: David Levithan
I’m not sure there are many authors aside from David Levithan who have written on such diverse topics in so many novels. Levithan has written over a dozen novels, co-written a few, and contributed to a handful of anthologies. He writes about all kinds of characters in his books and is a huge supporter of the lgbt community. My personal favorite of his novels is Every Day and I’m sure many can agree. And let’s not forget his fabulously co-written novels Will Grayson, Will Grayson with John Green and Dash & Lilly’s Book of Dares with Rachel Cohn.

#2: Gillian Flynn
With only three novels, Gillian Flynn has still managed to become one of my favorite authors of all-time. Although they are all incredible works, I have to say Gone Girl and Dark Places tie as my favorite with Sharp Objects a close runner-up. Her mystery-thrillers keep me guessing and reading late into the night until the conclusion; the chills last long after I’ve read the last page. Her writing is beautiful, her characters complex, and her mysteries creative, suspenseful, and intelligent. Love love love Gillian Flynn. I need more!!

#1: John Green
Yes, I’m sure this comes as a huge shocker to you all…not. John Green is undoubtedly my favorite author and I will immediately purchase anything with his name on it – even his grocery list. Obviously The Fault in Our Stars is my favorite book of all-time (I know, I’m such a prestigious English major), seeing as I’ve read it 13 times so far. However, I love all his other novels as well, with Looking for Alaska as a second-favorite (can’t wait for the movie!!!!!!!). I may not always agree with his political views or societal opinions, but John Green is my hero and if I ever get to meet him I will probably weep uncontrollably.

So there’s my first Top Ten Tuesday post! Thanks for reading! Be sure to post links to your own TTT in the comments and I’ll check them out.

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors

    1. If you like funny and/or teary YAs, John Green is the way to go. My all-time favorites of his are The Fault in Our Stars and Looking For Alaska, but those might make you sob into a pillow for a while. Will Grayson, Will Grayson is fabulous and he co-wrote it with another great author, David Levithan. And Paper Towns is a cute road trip story that was just made into a movie and has a really important message behind it, in my opinion(:

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    1. I’ve actually not read anything from Colleen Hoover! But I assure you, she is on my tbr list. Glad we both have such good taste in authors!(;


  1. Yes to David Levithan! Love all the ones you mentioned and I’m desperate to read everything else he’s written, he’s amazing. I’m in the minority on with John Green. I don’t dislike his books but I wasn’t totally in love with any of them either. Sorry! Great list though 🙂

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    1. David Levithan is spectacular!! I also really love The Lover’s Dictionary.
      I totally understand about John Green. It’s completely okay!


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