The Infinite Sea | book review


Title: The Infinite Sea
Author: Rick Yancey
Series: The 5th Wave
Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons
Publication Date: September 2014
Genre(s): Fiction, Sci-Fi, Dystopia, Young adult

Opening Line:

There would be no harvest.

I actually finished this book yesterday, but with moving back to school and getting resettled I didn’t have enough time to blog. So yeah, didn’t take me too long to get through this one. Probably because I couldn’t sleep the night before move-in… Reading is my favorite distraction. For those of you who don’t know, this is the sequel to The 5th Wave, so if you haven’t read the first one, I wouldn’t recommend reading this review. However, if you have read it, check out my review of The 5th Wave and enjoy my opinions on its sequel.

The Synopsis

The Infinite Sea picks up where The 5th Wave left off, following Cassie, Ben, Ringer, and the others to the rendezvous where Evan is supposed to meet them after blowing up the military compound. With the intense winter weather on its way, the group must find shelter, and fast. Ringer takes off to scope out shelter for the group, while the others remain at the crumbling hotel, waiting for Evan. With the fifth wave in motion, the remaining human survivors struggle to understand the Others’ plan and purpose. But everything is all about the risk, and to Ringer, the way to defeat the Others is through anger. Or is it something else?

The Plot

Okay, we can all admit the real reason we read this book was to find out what happens to Evan. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I wanted to continue the story and learn more about the aliens and blah blah, but come on, I needed to know if Evan survived or not. I was happy to learn more about the aliens, though. At one point in the book, you learn something important about the aliens, and I literally dropped my Kindle and said “What” out loud. Now, I’m not sure if it’s actually true or not, because maybe he was lying to Ringer, but if he’s telling the truth, holy shit. Plot twist. In fact, this book was a lot more unpredictable than the first. There was also a lot less romance, which I personally think enhanced the story. I read a negative review about the book in which the person was complaining about the lack of Cassie-Evan romance, and I’m like, “It’s the end of the world, there’s an alien invasion going on, Evan may or may not be dead, there is no fucking time for romance.” But hey, that’s my opinion. The Infinite Sea is shorter than the previous book, and I feel like there’s not a lot going on, but somehow I was never bored. I’m not quite sure how to explain it, but I just felt it was more uneventful than the first. Not a bad thing — it’s a typical second-book-out-of-three. I almost always like the first book more than the sequel.

The Characters

Once again, the story it told through alternating POVs, but we get a lot more from Ringer than from Cassie in this book. I wasn’t a huge fan of Ringer during the first book, but I’m starting to change my mind after following her so much in this one. There’s always a sob story, something to help you sympathize with a character, and it sure worked for me and Ringer. We also learn why Poundcake never speaks, and it made me super sad. A lot more character development in this book. Again, I’m a little sad I didn’t get more from Cassie, but I did enjoy the chapters with Ringer. I’m not sure why I like Cassie so much, since this book shows her in more of a negative light, but I do.

The Writing

Again, Yancey pulls through with another great story. I liked the writing just as much as I did in the first book. One thing I’m not sure about is the title, though — I don’t really get it. I expected there to be something about an ocean (sea, whatever) in the book, but there’s not. In the Goodreads summary, they play on words relating to the sea, with words like “depths” and “sink,” but yeah, not so sure about the title. Is it just a symbolic thing? I would have liked a better title.

My Rating

4 star

The final book in the trilogy isn’t expected until May 24, which really sucks. I want it now! This is why I typically don’t read series anymore — I can’t stand the wait, and by time the next book is released, I’ve read so many other books that I just lose interest in the series and don’t care. I don’t think that will happen here, though, because I only have to wait 4 months, so that’s good. I’m still excited for the movie, The 5th Wave, coming to theaters in 22nd of this month. Stay tuned for my adaptation review!

Favorite Quote(s): “Give someone the power of the gods and he will become as indifferent as the gods.”

“That’s a terrible thing, an awful burden to put on someone. You make your whole existence dependent on another human being and you’re asking for a world of trouble. Think of every tragic love story ever written.”

“…there’re the things we tell ourselves about the truth, and there’re the things the truth tells about us.”

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