Mid-Semester Crisis


I’m usually really good at keeping up with my reading and my blog. These past two weeks I haven’t been active at all, and I’m sorry. I’ve reached the mid-semester crisis. All my classes have been bombarding me with assignments and I’ve had a lot of activities with all my assorted clubs and such. I’m sorry! Trust me, I’ve missed my blog — and my books. Luckily for me, it is Spring Break! Luckily for you guys, I will be working all break instead of having fun, so every night I’ll be coming home from work to read and blog. I guess that’s not too bad of a way to spend my break, especially since I just got back from Minnesota. Yup, Minnesota, home of the… well, not much. I guess there are the twin cities. And Wikipedia just informed me that it is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” so I guess that’s cool. Honestly, I don’t know much about Minnesota, except when I was young I was taught to remember that it’s the state that looks like a blender. Sorta. Anyway, I was in Minnesota for the International Sigma Tau Delta Convention. Sigma Tau Delta is the national English Honor society that I’m a part of (and vice president of) at my school. Every year there’s a convention in one of the 50 states and all of us English nerds gather to read our research/creative papers that have been selected.


My paper, “Naturalism in Young Adult Dystopian Novels,” was selected and I got to read it in front of other English nerds in a panel consisting of three other YA-related papers. It was amazing! It was my first convention and I had a blast. I was terrified to read in front of people, but it went surprisingly well. I enjoyed listening to the other papers in my panel as well, and a lot of people asked really interesting and thought-provoking questions. There were so many questions that we actually ran out of time! It was an amazing experience and I hope to be selected again next year. I went to two other panels (one on Shakespeare and one on film adaptations) and had a great time. I think my favorite part about the whole thing was being around so many lovers of literature. I was sitting in the hotel lobby reading a book, and when I looked up, everyone else was reading, too! I love English majors. Anyway, it was worth the 13-hour drive and all the anxiety. I also got to experience all the great food places in Minneapolis, and I got to visit the Walker Art Museum. I heard there were a lot of bookstores around the city, but since I’m a little low on money, I forced myself to avoid them. Maybe some other day…

Are any of my followers members of Sigma Tau Delta? If so, let me know! And let me know if any of you were at the convention as well! And for anyone in college or planning on going to college, check and see if there’s a Sigma Tau Delta group at your school! The organization is fun to be a part of, looks great on your résumé, and opens up a lot of experiences. Join myself and all the other English nerds of the U.S.! We’d love to have you(:

Again, sorry for my lack of blogging. I hope to post quite a bit this week and get back into the swing of things. Happy reading!

One thought on “Mid-Semester Crisis

  1. Well done on your paper – a convention of booklovers sounds like great fun! There seems to be a lot of young adult dystopias around at the moment. And I know even less about Minnesota than you, so thanks for telling me it looks like a blender (about as much as Cheshire in England where I grew up looks like a teapot, which some people claim!)

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