Happy 2-Year Blogiversary to Me!

Well, it’s that time of year again. My blog is officially two years old now. A lot has changed since last year. I finished my junior year of college and did a lot while I was there. I did in fact join a sorority and have been active in that, as well as the All Greek Council. This upcoming year (my senior year), I’ll be vice president of the sorority and secretary for AGC. I did a lot with my English Honor Society, too, and I get to be president this year. It’s sad and scary getting to the end of my undergraduate years; I will miss it when it’s over.

In home life…well, I already posted about being kicked out and disowned. I’ve been living with my girlfriend all summer and it hasn’t been too bad. I’m ready to move in to school with her, though. We move in on Saturday. I’m happy to stop being a burden on everybody and just live in the dorms. Oh, and my job at this other McDonald’s is fine, I suppose. As fine as working at McDonald’s can be…


Umm random stuff? I got my nose pierced. My girlfriend and I have been together for almost 9 months (my longest relationship ever). I got a raise at work. I presented a research paper at an international literary conference. Another one of my papers got accepted to a smaller conference this upcoming October. I’m looking to buy my first car (at age 20, yes, I know). Umm, yeah, exciting.

As of today I have 283 followers, which is a lot more than I ever expected to have so thank you guys so much. I’ve posted 132 blog posts and have received over 3,000 views. My blog means everything to me so thank you. I know I had a rough patch and wasn’t very active, but I’m going to try and fix all that. So thanks for being patient and sticking with me. Two years and still going strong!! I’ll be here for a lot longer, I promise.

Thank you all for everything. Expect lots of great stuff this year!!

4 thoughts on “Happy 2-Year Blogiversary to Me!

  1. Happy 2-Year Blogaversary! Your reviews are always interesting and well written! Love your little nose stud! The little sparkle nicely defines your face and really suits your

    pretty nose. BTW, you have the perfect nose for a piercing. Suspect everybody tells you it looks very natural on you like you’ve had it forever nicely accentuating your feminine

    appearance. Am so envious as I’m turning 30 soon and soO afraid what others might think.Your nose stud really looks very cute on you and only thing cuter might be a thin, little, silver beaded nose hoop!!!



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    1. Thank you so much!! This made my day. It’s literally the nicest comment I’ve ever received, so thank you times a million. I love my nose piercing so much. I’ve always hated my nose but I think the piercing makes it look better, and I do hope to try a nose hoop sometime! I don’t think 30 is too old for a nose piercing at all, who cares what anyone else thinks! Thank you again, you’re so very sweet(:


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