When Release Dates are Pushed: A Tragedy

In early January I posted about the 2016 book-to-film adaptations that I was most excited for. Although I don’t post adaptation reviews for all of them, I did manage to see The 5th WavePride and Prejudice and ZombiesAllegiant, Miss Peregrine, and The Girl on the Train. In fact, the only one I missed was Alice Through the Looking Glass, which I’m hoping to see soon. Of the ones I’ve seen, I would have to say Miss Peregrine and The Girl on the Train were the best, with The 5th Wave somewhat tagging along. Allegiant could have been a lot better if they wouldn’t have split the damn thing into two movies… and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, well, that was just a let-down.

A Monster Calls poster.jpg

A Monster Calls, the one I was most excited for, was supposed to come out this past Friday. Imagine my disappointment to learn that it’s been pushed to December. No one told me. No one prepared me. And now I’m sad. In fact, it comes out exactly two months from today. Mark your calendars, people!!

Let It Snow- Three Holiday Romances.jpg

Another film I posted about has also been pushed back, but it’s been pushed a lot further than 2 months — it’s been pushed until November of next year. John Green’s (and Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle’s) Let it Snow will not be making appearances this year. I honestly didn’t think it’d be done in time since there’s virtually no information about it. Apparently this push occurred in April and I had no idea… Even though I have low expectations, maybe this push will make it a better film. We’ll see.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them poster.png

The good news is that Fantastic Beasts is still coming out November 18, so we can all take a breath of fresh air and calm down. Initially it was stated that this would be the start of a trilogy, but I’ve recently read that Rowling plans on it being a five-part series. I love Harry Potter and the magical world, but I think it’s a bit excessive to push out five more films. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of hate for that comment… I understand wanting more, more, more, but there comes a time when we have to take a break for a little while, just leave it be… Nevertheless, I’m still excited and I’ll probably end up going to see all five fucking films.

Image result for ascendant movie

One last update: early August we all found out about Lionsgate’s decision to turn the final Divergent film into a TV movie. Since that announcement, Shailene Woodley has expressed her disinterest in this decision, as have some of her castmates. As of today, we’re still not sure what’s going to happen. If the producers indeed turn Ascendant into a TV movie, we’re probably not going to get the original cast, and we’ll get a really shitty spin-off show… I sincerely hope they change their mind and finish out the franchise in theaters. I mean, even if it does poorly, at least they’ll be able to sell boxed bundles of the series. Please don’t leave us hanging, Lionsgate… Hopefully I’ll have more on this soon. In the meantime, pray for this film. And go watch some of these adaptations!

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