2017 Book-to-Film Adaptations

Another year is here, and it’s full of book-to-film adaptations. Last year, there was a great selection of adaptations and I managed to see most of them on my list. This year, I’m slightly less excited, but I have searched for as many adaptations as possible and I’ve come up with this magical list, so check it out! And be sure to click the titles for the trailer (if there is one)

Alyssa’s Adaptation Picks for 2017

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January 06: A Monster Calls

I have been waiting for this FOREVER. And apparently, I have to keep waiting. The movie was supposed to come out last October. Then it was supposed to come out in December — and it did, I guess, but only in select theaters. It’s open to all theaters this Friday, but unfortunately, the crappy theaters in this area (the crappy southern Ohio area) are not playing this movie at all. So basically I am out of luck and won’t be able to see it until it’s out on DVD. Kill me…

The Circle (2017 film).png

April 28: The Circle

So the trailer finally came out and it looks…interesting. I’m not sure if I’m going to real the novel, but I’ll probably check out the film. Emma Watson is the leading lady, so it has to be somewhat decent. Right?

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May 19: Everything, Everything

AHHHH I completely forgot this was going to be a movie!! I read the ARC on NetGalley a year or two ago and I really enjoyed it. I’m excited to see the direction the film takes! There’s not much info on it yet, but I’ll definitely keep you all posted. Gotta love that YA!

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July 14: My Cousin Rachel

So what captured my interest with this movie was Sam Claflin. He is one of my favorite actors and wowed me in last year’s Me Before You. He will once again be starring in an adaptation as a main character. I’d never heard of the novel before, but I decided that I’m definitely going to read it before the film so I can watch it. It’s a mystery-romance — oooh. Thank you, Sam Claflin, I’m hoping this will be a good one.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.jpg

July 21: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

This one severely intrigues me… It is based off a sci-fi comic series and stars Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne — what more could you ask for!? Seriously guys, this one looks pretty awesome, especially for a sci-fi lover like myself. I haven’t read the comics yet, but I’m dying to… Look at this, guys!!! Excitement!!! Action!!! Sci-fi awesomeness!!

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July 28: The Dark Tower

Alright, so I’m not the biggest Stephen King fan. I mean, I am a fan, but not a big enough fan to have read his Dark Tower series. And now I see there’s going to be a movie? And I highly doubt I’m going to read this series whether I like the movie or not. Hell, I’m not even sure I’m going to go see the movie. We’ll see… I’m still waiting for a trailer (though there are a lot of crappy fan-made ones on YouTube…)

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September 08: It

Yep, okay, again, Stephen King. And, once again, a novel I haven’t read yet, though I fully plan on reading this one. I am a huge fan of the original film, so I’m a little worried about this remake. We’ll see. Waiting for that trailer. Bill Skarsgård (my lesser-favorite Skarsgård brother) will be playing Pennywise — big shoes to fill. Please don’t mess it up…

Image result for let it snow novel

November 22: Let it Snow

ARRRG. Yet another film pushed from 2016 to 2017. And I’m pretty bummed since I’ve already read this one. And it’s John Green, so, ya know, it should be at least kinda good. It was supposed to come out in December, but got pushed almost a year back. Sucks. There’s literally no information on it. ARRRG.

Again, not as great as last year’s lineup, but I’m trying to stay positive. There are other adaptations coming out this year, but these are just my top-picks and the ones I’m most likely going to be seeing. Luckily, there’s hella other great movies coming out this year that have nothing to do with books, so at least there are other prospects. Let me know about other adaptations you’re excited for this year! Maybe you’ll tell me something I don’t know. Happy watching, everybody!

4 thoughts on “2017 Book-to-Film Adaptations

  1. I recently read IT and I found it so gripping and scary! The original film was… good? In its own 80s way I suppose, but it’s definitely not what you’d call “scary” nowadays. Tim Curry’s Pennywise was great though, so I’m interested to see how the new adaptation interprets him. Apparently they’re following the book more closely, except for the time in which the book is set? 😊

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    1. That’s great! I’m excited to read it. The original definitely isn’t nowadays definition of scary, but I find it scary in its own way. Remakes always make me nervous, but we’ll see!

      Liked by 1 person

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