The Icky Bug Counting Book | book review

*Certain books are easier to review differently than in my usual format — this is one of them.

When I discovered I had to read either an alphabet or counting book for my Children’s Lit class, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Luckily, I decided to read Jerry Pallotta’s The Icky Bug Counting Book and I found myself enjoying it. A lot. My friends were in the room so I actually read it to them and they enjoyed it, too!

The Icky Bug Counting Book starts at 0 and counts various bugs on each page, up to the number 26. At the end, you discover that there are 26 different bugs because there are 26 letters of the alphabet, and each bug starts with a different letter! So in essence, you’re learning both the alphabet and numbers! I was actually pretty fascinated by this. I know, I’m literally a child.

Pallotta is not only teaching kids to count and read, but he’s also teaching them about various insects. His facts are pretty interesting, many of which I didn’t even know, so I’m sure it’s fun for the parent to read too. I learned about all kinds of bugs, from Yellowjacket Flies to Click Beetles. I especially loved Pallotta’s comments on the bugs, and I have a feeling children love them too. For instance, when talking about the Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly, Pallotta mentions that butterflies taste with their feet. He then remarks, “Can you imagine if people tasted their ice cream cones with their feet?” I love it. And I love his sarcasm: “Why are [Question Mark Butterflies] called Question Marks? That’s a good question!”

Ah, and let’s not forget Ralph Masiello, the wonderful illustrator of this counting book. The illustrations are great — super colorful and vivid with a lot of detail concerning each bug.

Image result for The Icky Bug counting Book

They look incredibly realistic! I love this book entirely too much! It’s literally just a counting book for children and I already want to read it again. I am ridiculous. I kind of want to read Pallotta’s alphabet book… Guilty pleasure! If you have kids that are learning to read and to count, this is a great one. Take it from me, an unmarried woman without any children to read to.

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