January 2017 OwlCrate


Though I am happy to show you guys this month’s OwlCrate, I have some sad news: it will be my last. Well, for now. I hope. This monthly YA subscription box is expensive because you get so many amazing things and really great new YA novels but I have to start adulting since I graduate in a couple months…so I can’t afford it. I hope one day I can re-subscribe and maybe even check out other literary boxes, but until then, the only monthly events I’ll be experiencing will not be happy ones. I’ll miss OwlCrate… But I have one more month until my farewell, so tonight, let’s talk about this month’s theme: Classic Remix! I am loving it! I’m an English major — I love the classics. Alright! Let’s check it out!

  • A rose mint tea blend from First Edition Tea Co. inspired by The Little Prince, one of my favorite classic children’s books! It smells fantastic but, as you know, I’m not a fan of tea, so we’ll have to see what my girlfriend says about it.
  • A fresh-smelling soap made by TeaSoapBooks inspired by The Secret Garden. Go check out their shop. Seriously. I had to force myself not to buy anything while I was looking through their stuff. I want the bath salts…oh my god…
  • Probably my favorite part of the book — a gorgeous watercolor bookmark, created by Lexy Olivia, featuring a beautiful quote from Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five: “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.” I love it so much I made a gif of it. Ahhhh! It’s one of my girlfriend’s favorite novels, so she already wants to steal it from me. Anyway, Lexy is so talented, and she’s got a bunch of pretty bookmarks on her shop, check it out!
Bookark Gif.gif
  • A cool Phantom of the Opera magnet from Sweet Sequels. Such a cute site and they’ve got a shop on Etsy, too! I love the magnet even though I’ve never actually read (or seen) Phantom of the Opera. This month’s book should be an interesting read for me…
  • If you know me, you know I love calendars and planners, so OwlCrate must know me since they sent an amazing 2017 literary calendar from Obvious State. Each month features a different quote from a classic children’s story with accompanying artwork. It is gorgeous and it’s sitting above my desk now and it makes me tingle with happiness. Obvious State’s store is so classic and cool and all their prints are amazing!

So there you have it! This month was a success. They all are, honestly. Don’t be like me, guys. Don’t ditch an incredibly opportunity to be an adult. Subscribe to OwlCrate! Take joy in something that I won’t be able to after next month. You will not regret it.

Oh yeah, and before I go, here’s your sneak peak at my final theme:


As always, happy reading, and I look forward to next month with my last OwlCrate.


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