Update: New Trailers for 2017 Book-to-Film

Well, it’s been a month since I posted my list of 2017 adaptations. Since then, a couple new trailers have been released, and I’m stoked! These trailers came out over a week ago, so I realize I’m quite late to the party, but bear with me, people — I’m trying. Click on the titles for the trailer!

Image result for before i fall film

Let’s start with the release of the trailer for Before I Fall, adapted from the novel by Lauren Oliver. I’ve never read this, nor did I know it was becoming a film, so I didn’t include it in my initial list. The trailer looks amazing, though, and this book has been added to my tbr list. Looks like Zoey Deutch landed the lead role; she hasn’t played in anything big yet, so I’m excited to see what she does with this role. I’ll probably read the novel a day before the film, so be waiting for that.

Image result for my cousin rachel

Next up, a much less popular film, My Cousin Rachel, adapted from the novel by Daphne du Maurier. Again, not a novel I’ve read, but the trailer is out and I can say I will definitely be reading it. Sam Claflin looks amazing, as always. Rachel is played by, coincidentally, Rachel Weisz, who has been in a lot of movies. Not sure how I’ll like this one, but the trailer makes it seem very Jane Austen-esque, so I’m pretty excited. I’m taking a Jane Austen class right now, so I’m into that kinda stuff right now.

Image result for 13 reasons why

Last but not least (and again, not mentioned in my initial list), the teaser trailer for 13 Reasons Why came out, a Netflix original series being adapted from Jay Asher’s novel. Not sure how I feel about this one. Netflix has been doing a great job with their original productions, but this teaser doesn’t really have me convinced. It looks a bit cheesy… and I am very unsure of Katherine Langford as Hannah. I wish they would have chosen a slightly more seasoned actor for this role, but we’ll see where she takes it. I just loved this novel as a teenager and really want the show to do it justice.

I hope some of this was news to some people, but I know my fellow book lovers are probably already caught up on this stuff. I’ll try to keep you all updated throughout the year with these trailers and releases. Looks like Before I Fall is up next for this year’s adaptations, so stay tuned! Happy watching!

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