I realize that I neglected to post, yet again, a Saturday Sentiments. I also realize that I’ve been slow on my reading and posting reviews. Well, here’s why: I’m graduating from college this Saturday and I’m currently in the middle of finals week. Class-wise, I haven’t been busy, actually. I only had one in-class final, one online final, and two in-class meetings. Not bad at all compared to previous years. Honestly, I’ve been busy because of a million little things to wrap-up before I leave this place! It’s ridiculous. But nevertheless, I’m counting down the days until I graduate with my BA! I picked up my cap and gown on Monday, and today I finished decorating my cap! I’m beyond excited and I promise this summer I’ll deliver so many book reviews (in between my job hunting…).


I also turned 21 on May 01, which was such fun! I’m a big kid now! My girlfriend took me to a bar and I finally ordered my first, legal drink in America. I’ve been to bars in Canada and, honestly, it’s more fun. But I enjoyed myself with tons of mixed drinks, BBQ wings, and like seven games of pool. It was a good time! As you can see in this picture, I was finally, legally drunk. Or, well, making my way there. I never thought I’d make it to 21, or that I’d be graduating and entering the real world so soon, but I’m ready for whatever happens.

After I graduate, I plan on moving in with my girlfriend until we can find jobs. The job market is atrocious. They all want experience, but how the heck was I suppose to get experience while killing myself with responsibilities in college? And how am I suppose to get a job to give me experience if all they want is experience!? It’s a whacked system. But I hope someone will hire me. I’m really good at proofing and editing, okay? I’m great. I just need someone to give me a chance.


Also, one last thing: I bought myself this birthday present. Isn’t he beautiful?! He’s a chick-and-hen succulent and I named him Diego. He’s not as fabulous as a job, but he’s beautiful and I love having him around.

Anyway, I know this post had nothing to do with books or adaptations or anything, but I just felt it necessary to give you all an update on my life and why I’m constantly scatterbrained… Reviews are coming soon, I promise. I say this a lot, I know, I know, but I mean it!

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