Movie Mondays | Alien: Covenant

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I am an Alien superfan. I was introduced to the franchise through Alien vs. Predator when I was in my pre-teens and fell in love. Little did I know AVP was simply a crossover of two other franchises, and that I had so many more films to watch! And here I am, in my twenties, going to see the latest installment in the Alien franchise. Wow.

To prepare, I re-watched Prometheus the night before going to see Alien: Covenant. I remembered how much I absolutely hate David. I remembered how much I love Elizabeth Shaw, even though she’s out of her mind at the end of the film, wanting to go to the Engineers’ home planet. And I was so eager to discover what happened to the two of them as they head out on this death sentence, basically.

Alien: Covenant opens on a new ship, Covenant, with a new crew and over 2000 people intended to colonize a new planet. Unfortunately, something goes wrong (as always, because it’s space, and everything goes wrong in space) and the crew must wake up early — 7 years too early. They can either go back in the pods for another 7 years, or they can check out a closer planet that can also support life. Wanna guess which option they chose? The wrong one, of course. And a lot of bad stuff happens because of that decision. Do you find out what happened to David and Elizabeth? Yes, you do, but I don’t think you want to know…

I really enjoyed this movie! You’d think the sequel to the prequel to a great film franchise would suck, but it doesn’t — it actually answers a lot of questions and makes for a great story. In fact, Alien: Covenant was much more Alienesque than Prometheus was: lots of suspense, plenty of action, gore galore, and a plethora of death. I went to see Covenant by myself and it was pretty creepy. If you love the original Alien films, this is right up your alley.

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