How to Tackle Your TBR

I thought I’d have a lot more free time once I graduated college — no more classes, organizations, events, meetings, blah, blah, blah. Well, all that has been replaced with cooking, cleaning, jogging, job hunting, car hunting, apartment hunting… WHEN will I have time to read!? HOW can I possibly tackle my ever-growing TBR?????? I don’t know. I’m trying. And failing. So I shouldn’t be the one telling you how to tackle your massive TBR, but I’m going to anyway! Hurray! Welcome to this week’s Saturday Sentiments.

5 Ways to Tackle Your TBR

even though i’m doing a pretty terrible job of tackling my own tbr so you probably shouldn’t listen to me

1) Make an ordered TBR list
Back in January, I created a list of 18 books on my TBR and ordered them.


Obviously I have many many many many more books on my TBR shelf, but starting out with 18 is pretty good progress.

2) Stick to your newly-ordered TBR list
I’m on #4 of mine. And it’s already almost June. Yeah. So, obviously, I didn’t stick to that list. I had to read a bunch of books for classes, I had to read books that were becoming adaptations, and now I’m two chapters into Treasure Island because my girlfriend won’t stop making snide remarks about how I don’t care about her or her interests until I do. *sigh* Hopefully, after I get through it, I can get back on track. It really helps to have a list. Just make sure to follow it, unlike me.

3) Don’t give up on a book, even if you don’t like it
This one causes a lot of arguments, but if you’ve read my previous Saturday Sentiments, you know I’m a firm believer in finishing a book, no matter how much you don’t like it. It’s important to finish books! And if you make a list, stick to that list, and read each and every book on that list, you’ll feel great making your way down from #1 to 18!

4) Read at least one chapter each day
I know a lot of you don’t have any trouble with this one. When you’ve got a lot of spare time, reading a chapter isn’t that hard. In fact, if you read one chapter, you’re bound to get sucked in and read more and more until you wind up finishing it. If you’re like me, though, with few spare moments in the day, definitely try to at least read one chapter.

This last one is pretty impossible. Actually, if you love books, it is certainly impossible. We all keep adding to our TBRs, even though they just keep stacking up and we never actually make progress towards getting to them, yet we can’t stop. I know. And that’s okay! There’s no shame in loving books. Just try to trudge through some of your already-bought books before buying another stack… We all try and fail, though. That’s just our life.

3 thoughts on “How to Tackle Your TBR

  1. Good advice, except I disagree with the finish all books point. Although saying that it is not often I come across a book that I just can’t get into. I made a list last year of the ten books I wanted to read next and it was a good sense of achievement when I had read and reviewed all ten.
    Good luck with your list and congrats on your graduation.

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