Movie Mondays | Wonder Woman

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It’s been a few weeks since I actually saw Wonder Woman, but I wanted to make sure I took the time to write about this incredible film.

If you’ve been keeping up with the DC films, you know they’re getting ready to assemble the Justice League. Now, DC is no Marvel, and the Justice League is no Avengers, but I’m still pretty pumped.

(You can tell I’m partial to Marvel — sorry)

We got a little taste of Wonder Woman in the latest Batman (and Superman) movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. With Wonder Woman, we not only get to see her kicking ass and taking names, but we get to find out about her past and who she is.

The film opens on Diana, AKA Wonder Woman, in present day, but soon flashes back to her home: Themyscira, the Amazon race’s secret hiding place. It is currently World War I, but no one knows about it until Diana winds up rescuing a downed-pilot. Diana believes General Erich Ludendorff, fighting for the Germans, is actually the God of War, Ares, in disguise, and he is the reason for the war. She follows the pilot, Captain Steve Trevor, back to London to try and kill Ares and end the Great War.

As far as DC movies go, this one was perhaps my favorite since Man of Steel. Wonder Woman has not gotten much attention over the years — she’s a female superhero, what do you expect, ya know? But Patty Jenkins changes that. Jenkins is the first female to direct a superhero movie, and this movie shows just how badass women can be. Wonder Woman is female-centered and amazing. Our first view of the Amazons is this breathtaking scene where the Amazon women are training for combat and wow are they amazing. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re strong, graceful, agile, and just downright awesome. And Gal Gadot as Diana is just as stunning. She is so gorgeous and an incredible actor. You’ve got to see these women in action. They are great.

The movie was pretty fast-paced and interesting, for the most part. And let’s not forget one of my favorite actors, Chris Pine, is the love interest. Thank god. He’s always incredible, in every movie. My only issue with this movie was the bad guys. They kind of sucked. They were kind of goofy, miscasted, just un-interesting. That’d have to be my only complaint, though. Everything else was pretty great. Superheroes are awesome, and yes, that means women superheroes, too, so go check out Wonder Woman before it leaves theaters!

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