Blogrolls: Every Book Blogger Needs One

Hello friends, and happy Saturday! I almost forgot to post today seeing as I forgot what day it is. That happens a lot since I’ve graduated… I never know what day it is anymore. Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!

Today I’d like to talk about Blogrolls, something I discovered last week due to Fictionophile‘s enlightening post, Blogrolls are SO useful (#bookbloggers). You should check it out! I did, and it inspired me to create my own blogroll — you can check it out on my blog under Bookish Things!

So, before I get into why they’re useful and cool, let me explain what a blogroll is. Hello…Chick Lit looks to be the creator of this awesome tool. Basically, a blogroll is a list of other book bloggers you follow/support that you post on your blog’s homepage. As a member of the book blogging community, Hello…Chick Lit (and myself, and many people, apparently) believe in supporting their fellow book bloggers, no matter how big or small. Here’s their post if you’d like even more info and want to snag the icon for your own blog!

Hello Chick Lit

So how do you start your own blogroll? Simple! Go to Hello…Chick Lit’s post and copy the html text underneath the icon at the bottom of the page. Next, go to your own blog and create a text widget along your sidebar, or create a new page. After that, it’s pretty simple: just list your favorite book bloggers, and make sure to link their blog. You can keep it short and sweet, or you can keep adding to it for eternity — you choose. I compiled a huge list of book bloggers that I follow for my own blogroll. Go check it out — you might find your own blog on there! And if you’re a book blogger and don’t see your name on my list, comment and let me know! I’d be happy to add you, follow you if I’m not already, and support you in any way I can.

I believe supporting other book bloggers is really important. This is a community I’ve felt welcomed to since the day I started blogging, and I love it. I love seeing all the unique, bookish posts on my Reader every day. Though it’s rewarding to receive hundreds of followers, I don’t think it’s an important aspect to blogging. You should blog because you want to! And if you don’t have many followers, that’s completely okay — you’ll get there, and blogrolls are a great way to help with that.

I may not have thousands of followers like some book blogs, but I’m okay with that. I love blogging and I enjoy sharing my ideas with whomever in interested. I hope some of you will consider creating your own blogroll, and if so, add me to yours and I’ll happily add you on mine! And add Fictionphile, too, because they’re amazing as well.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for following me if you are. Hope you have a great weekend and I’ll see you next Saturday (hopefully a little earlier) for another Saturday Sentiments!

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