Library of Souls | book review

The Details

Title: Library of Souls
Author: Ransom Riggs
Series: Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children #3
Format: Hardback
Page Count: 464
Publisher: Quirk Books
Original Publication Date: 2015
Genre(s): Young adult, Fiction, Fantasy

*Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t read the previous books! 

The Synopsis

In this somewhat-thrilling conclusion to the Miss Peregrine series, Jacob and Emma must save Miss Peregrine, the other peculiar children, and the entire existence of peculiardom from the one man trying to rule it all: Jack (AKA Caul), Miss Peregrine’s brother. The story picks up right where its predecessor left off, with Jake, Emma, and Addison stranded and injured in the underground. With the help of a few extraordinary peculiars, they set off on a treacherous journey through modern-day London and a loop called Devils Acre, putting everything on the line as they push their peculiar talents as far as they’ll go.

The Plot

Book #1: Pretty good! Book #2: Really good — great, even! Book #3: Pretty…good? Eh.

Is it bad that I just wanted this series to end? The book was long — too long — and it seemed to go on forever. After such a thrilling adventure in book #2, I was expecting more from this “epic conclusion” to the series, but alas, I was let down. The first half of the book trudges on, Emma and Jacob running from wights, then from hollows, then from more wights, then from weird criminal peculiar drug addicts, then from even more wights… You get the picture. And there was a lot of backstory, explanations, story wrap-ups… I just wanted to get to the good parts. And I finally did, of course, but by then I just wanted the series to end. I wanted to move on to my next book.

Some of the book was pretty thrilling, but it wasn’t enough to redeem the slowness. The ending was definitely wild, though, I have to say. I didn’t see a lot of that coming, so at least that bit was fairly interesting. Everything was wrapped up pretty nicely, like I assumed it would be. The Miss Peregrine books are quite safe.

The Characters

When I say “safe,” I’m not just talking about the plot — I mean the characters, too. With the exception of one or two main characters, no one really dies other than secondary characters. Many people like that sort of thing; why would they want their beloved characters to die? I certainly don’t, but at the same time, I have no real worry because I know the author isn’t willing to kill their characters. There are a lot of deaths, for sure, but no one particularly important.

Other than that, all the characters were just as they were in the previous books: unique, complex, and fun. I do love Addison, and I felt a lot more emotion from Jacob and Emma. I was happy that I felt more for them!! In the end, I actually almost teared up. Crazy, right? Most emotion I’ve felt throughout the whole series.

The Writing

I can’t say any more about Riggs than I have in my past two reviews — he is a great addition to, and voice for, the YA world. I think his dialogue is his greatest strength and he sure has a creative mind.

Unfortunately, the finale wasn’t my favorite, but overall, I really enjoyed the series and I’m glad to have this beautiful hardcover box set that my girlfriend’s dad got me for Christmas. Definitely worth a read if you haven’t read them yet.

Favorite Quote(s)

“There is a direct correlation between how nervous I was and how many dumb jokes I made”

“Doubt is the pinprick in the life raft.”

“No one can hurt you as badly as the people you love.”



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