Movie Mondays | Spider-Man: Homecoming

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I grew up with the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies. 1 and 2 are great, while 3 is a horrible disappointment and embarrassment that somehow we all still love to watch just because it’s so cringe-worthy — we can all agree on that part, right?

The Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies came out not too long ago and I, personally, liked them a lot. That, my friends, is an unpopular opinion in the film world, and I know that, yet I still don’t care. Garfield gets too much hate for those movies!

We have now reached the Tom Holland era of Spider-Man movies, and I’ve got to say, I’m quite impressed. We were first introduced to Holland’s Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War last year, if only briefly. In this film, we get a real taste of  what the next few Spider-Man movies are going to be like, and I’m happy to say, the future is looking bright.

The film follows 15-year-old Peter Parker after the events of Captain American: Civil War. That means we don’t get to see Peter gain his powers again, or lose Uncle Ben again, or any of that stuff. And thank god, because every Spidey actor has THE WORST crying face.

Image result for tobey maguire cry uncle ben dies
Image result for andrew garfield uncle ben dies

I am really sick of watching Uncle Ben die, so I’m glad this movie was after the fact.

So Peter is young, inexperienced, and obviously thinks he’s this biggest badass in New York. He thinks he’s invincible and wants to be a part of the Avengers. All while being one of the smartest kids in high school.

I really enjoyed Spider-Man: Homecoming and cannot wait for a sequel. I thought I would hate it — I was unsure of Holland and his representation of Spider-Man, but he did wonderfully. He was a great Peter Parker! And he made me laugh constantly. The movie is really fast-paced, too, so you’re never bored. And the villain didn’t suck, either, like most usually do. He was even a little bit of a sympathetic villain, especially towards the end. I am liking this movement towards villains residing in the gray area — not everyone is good or evil, stark black and white.

The casting was great. I didn’t too much care for Peter’s love interest, though, as a character or as an actress. That’s probably my only complaint. Other than the movie poster, of course. I mean, look at that train wreck… It looks like a freshman in graphic design made it.

And thankfully we get to see plenty of Tony Stark, which helped the movie a lot. Because  Robert Downey, Jr. is a god.

One more thing before I go. It’s really interesting to see how different this version of Spider-Man compares to the Tobey Maguire films. The first one came out in 2002 — 15 years ago. It’s crazy to compare not only the graphics, but the atmosphere of it all. High school. Villains. The romance. Everything is so entirely different and it’s amazing what only a 15-year time span can change…

Anyway, rant over. Go see the movie. I promise you’ll like it.

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