Happy 3-Year Blogiversary to Me!

I’m a couple days late, but you know how it goes…

Another year has gone by—somehow—and here we are celebrating my blogiversary again. I’m sure, as always, you’re super interested in me and my life (ha ha), so here’s a more lengthy update into my sad existence.


I graduated back in May from The University of Rio Grande with a BA in English and a minor in both photography and philosophy. Since then, I’ve been frantically applying to jobs all over the country in hopes that someone will take pity on me and give me a job. Seriously. Please. Hire me. What with everyone going back to school here soon, I’m missing it

terribly. The adults weren’t kidding — real life sucks. I miss being enveloped in my world of college, even the shitty parts (yes, I’m talking about you, 3rd floor girls bathroom in Wellness Hall…).


As for my personal life, I’m still with my amazing girlfriend (going on 1 year and 9 months!!), who’s about to venture back to school to get her master’s degree. Consequently, my mom is still not speaking to me, nor has she reached out to me since last Christmas, deciding that she didn’t want to know me if I was in a relationship with a woman. It’s been over a year since she kicked me out and I finally feel like myself. I miss having a mom, but she made her decision. As for my dad, he’s as wonderful as ever and has recently moved even further away from me with his wife. I’m really happy for them.

Book- and blog-wise, things are great! I’m making my way through my 2017 TBR list and have decided that soon I’m going to create a TBR jar and randomly select my future reads. Super exciting! I’m also really happy with my blog. Someday I’d like to pay for Premium, but for now, it looks exactly how I want it to look. Now time for those ever-exciting blog stats!!

Total Posts: 211
Total Views: 7,308
Total Visitors: 4,302
Total Followers: 342

Ahh! Thank you guys so much! This is even better than I expected. If you’re still tagging along for the ride, thank you, it means the world to me, every single one of you.

Well, another year is gone, but I’ve got many more to come. Look forward to a ton of book reviews, because I never plan on stopping.

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