The Presidogs of the United States of Pawmerica | book review

The Presidogs of the United States of Pawmerica

Title: The Presidogs of the United States of Pawmerica
Author: Todd Richard Brown
Contibuting Illustrator(s): Alex Alvarado, Holli Alverado, Sean Stearley
Series: N/A
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 88
Publisher: CreateSpace (Todd Brown)
Original Publication Date: 2016
Genre(s): Historical fiction, Picture book

Do you like dogs? How about puns? And maybe even a little bit of American history? If you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, then you have no excuse not to read this book. The Presidogs of the United States of Pawmerica is a hilarious re-imagining of American history, detailing the birth of our nation and summarizing the 45 presidents of the United States as dogs. What more could you ask for? The answer is “nothing.”

Presidogs is written by Barker J. Oldpups (AKA my coworker, Todd Brown) and is unlike anything I’ve ever read. Here’s how it works: each president is associated with a breed of dog, blending the president’s name with anything dog-related. Each presidog is illustrated, too, and in full color! (Whoever photoshopped these dog heads onto the presidents’ bodies deserves a high five.) So, for each presidog, we’re given background information on the president (the actual man) and the dog (whatever breed that president is associated with).

Starting waaaaay back in 1789, the book begins with George Welshington (George Washington + the headstrong Welsh Springer Spaniel) and concludes in present-day with Dobernald J. Dump (Donald J. Trump + the determined Doberman Pinscher). And throughout all the pages in between, we’ve got fun facts about the men and dogs, a timeline filled with historical events, a doggie crossword puzzle, and about a million dog puns that will make you “howl with laughter.”

I love everything about this book—everything, down to the smallest detail, is either funny, interesting, or both! I never paid too much attention in American history class (sorry, Mr. Allman), so I actually learned a lot about the presidents of the U.S. And, as always, anything dog-related immediately piques my interest. The illustrations are hilarious, the writing is fun and witty, the facts are interesting, and the puns are adogable. Seriously, there are so many puns. I also like that the seriousness of certain events, like slavery (leashery) and the assassinations (euthanizations), do not lose their seriousness when translated to doggie terms. The book in no way offends or diminishes, and remains unbiased throughout.

If you love dogs, puns, history, or just a fun, illustrated book to flip through when you’re sitting around, this is the book for you, and will look great lying on your coffee table. It makes a great last-minute Christmas present for anyone, especially the I-have-no-idea-what-to-buy-this-person people on your list, so go get your copy today on Amazon for only $19.99! Doesn’t it look nice there under the tree? Oh, and be sure to check out Old Pups on their website and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). And thanks, Todd, for a free copy of your awesome book. I’ll be bringing it into the office to be signed!

Now all we need is a cat version… Presikittens of Ameowica, anyone? No? Okay. I’ll leave the puns to Todd.

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