Listen Up: Audiobooks, Podcasts, and More

Hello, lovies! Thank god it’s Saturday, am I right?

This week, I’d like to talk about listening to/about books.

I have a boring job. And by boring, I mean I deal with people who maintain and inspect foreclosed houses. I have an English degree—I don’t care about foreclosed houses, unless it’s a story about foreclosed houses or something and then I’m all ears. But processing jobs on a computer all day is not what I’d call fun. Lots of people can’t say their job is fun, though, so I’m not unique. I’m a recent college graduate that doesn’t have enough “professional experience” to land a job in my preferred field. Weird that spending 4 years brutally studying something isn’t enough experience. *shrugs* Thanks, universe.

Anyway, this is not to say that I hate my job. The company I work for is great. My coworkers and bosses are super nice, I get paid more than minimum wage (because who the hell can live off minimum wage?), I can dress casually (jeans and a hoodie every day, baby), and the best part: I can put headphones in whenever I want. I’m literally staring at (typically) gross houses for 8 hours a day, so it’s pretty boring. Listening to music has been great these past few months, but now I’m growing bored of that, too.

I’ve thought about audiobooks here recently. What better way to get through the day than to listen to a book? It sure would help boost my Goodreads Reading Challenge… But the thing is, I’ve never actually listened to an audiobook before. When I read a book, I give it my full attention. I don’t watch TV or listen to music or talk to/text anybody—I just read. I don’t want to miss anything. So I’m afraid that I’d miss things in the story by listening to an audiobook while working, because my job does require concentration and actual effort. And I don’t really want to risk that. I also really like bookmarking quotes and such, and I can’t do that with an audiobook. Basically, this just seems like a really bad idea and something I genuinely wouldn’t enjoy.

I’ve also thought about podcasts. My older brother introduced me to various comedy podcasts, like My Brother, My Brother and Me (and other podcasts from the same people) Mike and Tom Eat Snacks, etc. And though they are funny (except Mike and Tom Eat Snacks—I hate that one), I don’t really want to have to hold in laughter for 8 hours straight. It would kill me. Also, I want my brother to be proud of me for listening to podcasts, but not too proud… So I decided to look up podcasts for book lovers and found a few well-reviewed ones (Books on the Nightstand, KCRW Bookworm, Book Riot) that I’m thinking about listening to. It’s not something I desperately need to pay undivided attention to, but interesting enough to keep me awake and feeling less bored.

Last week, I actually started listening to one independent podcast series called So Many Damn Books, and was surprised to find that it’s run by two guys, Christopher and Drew. Most self-proclaimed book lovers who blog/talk/write/express love for books are, typically, females (at least in my experience). So, it was refreshing to find some male book lovers out there, who actually read some of the same things I do! I have a good feeling about this one. If I end up love-love-loving it, I’ll probably make a fangirl post about them later. This is most likely going to definitely happen.

Anyway, it definitely made the time at work fly by. In fact, 2 hours felt like 45 minutes, because I was listening to people talk about books! It is amazing, and I think I’m going to stick to podcasts at work from now on.

However, I’d love to hear your guys’ opinions on this stuff. Anyone have differing opinions on audiobooks? Feel free to let me know, because I’m super hesitant to try it, but am still open to the option. Convince me!

And as for bookish podcasts, pleeeeeease give me suggestions! Because after I finish SMDB, I’m gonna need more, more, more.

Happy Saturday, and happy weekend reading to you all.

11 thoughts on “Listen Up: Audiobooks, Podcasts, and More

  1. You can also listen to YouTube videos. Most book loving YouTube videos don’t require you to necessarily look at the video and it’s something that won’t kill you if you tune out at some point. I hope that’s another thing to help you. 🙂

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  2. I love audiobooks! I have ADHD and whenever I’m doing boring things ( like laundry) I get distracted super fast! Audibooks are a great way to get things done for me! The only downside is that I can only listen to audiobooks when I’m doing things that don’t need me to think at all! (Probably also because of my ADHD).
    The moment I have to use one 10% of my brain I can’t use an audiobook anymore. But they are a God sent either way!

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    1. That totally makes sense, and that’s why I don’t think I’d be able to listen to them at work because I have to use my brain and focus on other things. But I’m super glad they help you out with boring things 🙂


  3. Okay, so I can totally relate to everything you’ve said here. I know what it’s like to have a boring job, so I always listen to podcasts when I get bored of music. So Many Damn Books is good. I listen to them sometimes, and so too BookRiot. The BBC World Book Club is also a good one. Ah shoot! I’m blanking on some. Umm, if you like Disney stories, check out Disney Story Origins Podcast, which gives some more details, history and such, on the Disney princesses or the historical period their story is set in. Serial podcast (true crime/mystery) and Lore podcast (horror/supernatural) are also really good. I also like Longform podcast, but that’s if you’re interested in journalism and writing advice (Writing Excuses is a great podcast too). The Atlantic magazine has audio versions of their articles, which are great to listen to. The Lit Up Show podcast is also good for books. Umm… that’s about all I can think of off the top of my head.

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    1. Ohmygosh! Thank you so much!! These are all great recommendations and I will definitely check out some of these. So helpful!


  4. Sometimes audio books work for me, but you’re right, it can get distracting when you pay more attention to it than your work, or you miss bits because you’re paying closer attention to your work. I only use them to reread books, but still it gets frustrating sometimes. I see someone above mention Youtube, which worked at my old job because they didn’t mind, but not all jobs are cool with peeps watching videos while working, even if you’re just listening instead of watching the video.

    Oh! Totally forgot this podcast. If you are a Harry Potter fan, totally check out Witch Please.

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    1. My company wouldn’t mind if I’m just listening to a video, so I may check those out. But you’re totally right about audiobooks—I just don’t think it’d work out with my job lol.


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