TV Tuesdays | Dark

DarkNetflixPoster.jpgI’m here with (you guessed it!) another binge-worthy Netflix series recommendation. What more could you ask for?

You’re welcome.

The show I want you all to go out and watch rightnow is Dark.

This series isn’t brand new. It debuted on Netflix back in December and was immediately hailed as the “adult” Stranger Things. Well, I’m certifiably an “adult” (whatever that means) and I enjoy both shows. While Stranger Things focuses on children and the mysterious Upside Down, Dark follows a teenager named Jonas, who’s unraveling the mysteries of his town and his father’s suicide. As children start disappearing from the small German town, time–and its well-hidden secrets–become unraveled.

Dark gave me chills, and with every new revelation, I was practically squealing with excitement—my mind was, as the kids say, blownDark is the first German-language Netflix original series. So please please please, if you don’t speak German, watch this in German with your native language in subtitles. Please. It is so much better to hear the show in its native language. It’s beautiful. And it makes it feel more legitimate.

The show is fantastically creepy, suspenseful, and dark (ha). It takes you on a rollercoaster ride. I didn’t expect to like the show at all, and it took 2 or 3 episodes to fully get into it, but I’m so glad I stuck with it.

If you’re a fan of sci-fi/suspense, you’ll love this show. There are a ton of characters to follow, with very complicated family trees, but it’s wildly intriguing to see how they all come together. It’s a corrupt town, but you can’t help but sympathize with all the characters.

The show has (thankfully) been greenlit for a second season, so log on to your Netflix account and start watching. Since I’m a fan of both Stranger Things and Dark, sure, I’ll say if you like one, you have a good chance of liking the other—they’re in the same realm of supernatural creepy stuff. They’re both amazing. But the similarities end there. They’re about two totally different concepts. Dark is definitely your next obsession.

And remember, the question is not where, but when.

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