Black Panther | movie review

Black Panter

Motion Picture Rating: PG-13
Release Date: 2018
Director: Ryan Coogler
Runtime: 134 mins.

Black Panther been out since February 16, I know, but it’s so good, and I need to talk about it, and I have been meaning to do so for over a week now, so shut up and read my opinions.


For all you guys living under a rock, here’s the trailer you missed.

So, real talk: I was not excited about this movie. In fact, I almost decided to skip the theatrical release and wait for DVD, even though Marvel movies usually stay in theaters for like, 8 months, it seems.

I wasn’t excited because it didn’t feel very superhero-y to me. I also didn’t know much about Black Panther as a superhero, so I was just like, meh. I had the same initial thoughts about Ant-Man, too.

Anyway, the very reason I thought I wouldn’t like Black Panther turned out to be my favorite thing about the movie: it is the most unconventional superhero movie I’ve seen, and I loved it. It didn’t feel like the stereotypical Marvel movie. It didn’t have various guest appearances from Thor or Iron Man or Spider-Man. It had a bad guy who wasn’t really a bad guy who I could totally get behind (without the mass murder and being a dick and all, even though he kind of had a right to be a dick some of the time). What I’m trying to say is, the movie didn’t follow typical superhero tropes. It worked. It worked well. The plot was always interesting and fun and, at times, super suspenseful. I was never bored or ready for it to end.

The casting and characters were impeccable, too. Like, DAMN. Chadwick Boseman (hot damn), Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Martin Freeman, Letitia Wright (I love her), and soooo many more.

But for real, star of the movie: Michael B. Jordan, guys.

Image result for michael b jordan black panther

Hell. Yes.

Not only is he, well, look at him…. But I could really see where he was coming from as the villain. He was a sympathetic villain for sure. And he had great points about society and their world. Too bad he wanted revenge in all the wrong ways. Great character, though, and amazing casting. Michael B. Jordan is 🔥🔥🔥 I’d watch anime with you any day, boo 😘

If you’re hesitant to see Black Panther because it looks like a different kind of superhero movie, goseeitanyway because it is and it’s great. And if you’re worried because you know literally nothing about Black Panther, still go see it because that literally does not matter and you will love him anyway.

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