Bookish Worlds I Want to Live In

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This Week

Bookish Worlds I’d Want to/Never Want to Live In.

10 Bookish Worlds I’d Rather Live In than My Own

1) Harry Potter‘s Wizarding World

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I feel like this is everyone’s #1 choice, because hello, magic and stuff. I think I would have liked Hogwarts a lot more than I enjoyed high school in rural southern Ohio. Can I live there post-Voldemort, though? Thanks. #ravenclaw4lyf

2) Lord of the Ring‘s Middle-Earth

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Again, another choice I think most people will include, and though I probably wouldn’t choose to live in the Shire, it would be pretty cool to be a part of this world, too—again, magic and stuff. I would probably be an elf, which is always my go-to character race in any fantasy RPG. Maybe…post-Sauron?

3) Miss Peregrine‘s Peculiardom

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I would very much enjoy having a cool superpower like some of these kids have. Though they must use these powers to save their lives, and the wights are incredibly terrifying, it would be pretty neat. I’m not sure which power I’d like to have. None of them are particularly, like, cool? But it’d be interesting nonetheless.

4) Alice‘s Wonderland

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Another classic, but who wouldn’t want to escape their boring life and fall down the rabbit hole into this strange but wonderful place? I’d probably go crazy, but at least I’d make a lot of friends in the process.

5) Beautiful Creatures‘ Gatlin

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I never finished the series, hated the movie, and haven’t read the book since I was in high school, but I do remember being enchanted with Ethan and Lena’s world. I would hate the southern mentality and heat, but would put up with it for the witchcraft any day…

6) Twilight‘s Forks

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Okay, sparkly vampires and love triangles aside, I would actually love to live in Forks, WA. I love the rain, the rocky beaches, and the cold. Vampires are cool as long as they don’t sparkle, but I’d prefer a werewolf, myself. #teamjacob4lyf

7) Percy Jackson‘s Camp Half-Blood

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I would love to be a demigod. It would mean one of my parents was a god, and that’s a lot better than telling people about my alcoholic mother who spit at my feet and disowned me. I’d get to go to the coolest camp ever, and it’s probably a lot better than high school.

8) Wade Watts’ The OASIS

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I’m not going to talk about the movie… Please don’t make me talk about the movie… I just want to say, my life is pretty boring, I also live in Columbus, OH, and I have social anxiety, so living in a video game where anything is possible sounds a lot better than this.

9) The Shadowhunters’ Institute

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Never finished the series. Hated the movie. Haven’t read since high school. Sound familiar? Well, it sounds pretty sweet to fight demons and make out with cute boys who may or may not be your brother (ha ha—he’s not, don’t worry). Count me in!

10) Bod’s Graveyard

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It wouldn’t be cool to have your entire family murdered, and live your life with a psycho hunting you, buuuuuuut ghost friends??? So cool. Just saying.

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