Tournament of Books Long List | 2019

It’s a good day to be a reader: The Morning News has just released next year’s Tournament of Books lineup with their long list of favorites in fiction from 2018. Over the next few weeks, they’ll narrow it down to a shorter list, and thus will begin the Tournament. 

Looking through the long list, I myself have not read a single book. How disappointing! I’ve actually been catching up on a severely long backlog of books, so I do not often read newly released titles. I want to…but I also want to catch up on all the previous years’ good books. It’s a constant struggle.

The Rooster

However, participating in the Tournament is a great way to force myself to take a break and read some new literature. And even though I haven’t read any of the books that made the list, I have heard much about them via social media, as I am obsessed with following people who post about books on all platforms of social media.

I vividly remember seeing a lot of hype for books like Alice Isn’t DeadCirceThe ImmortalistsRed Clocks, and The Shakespeare Requirement. Not sure if I want to read all of those myself, but I am excited to go through the upcoming short list to select which books I want to read the most. Because let’s face it: I will not be able to read every book that makes the list. 

Check out the long list here for yourselves! And let me know which books you’ve read, and which you’re excited to read!

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