Tournament of Books Shortlist | 2019

Good news, everyone! The TOB shortlist was finally released this morning, and I have been in a good mood all day because of it!

See the list here for all 18 titles that made the list and will be facing off against each other this upcoming March. And don’t forgot to vote in the Zombie poll!

This will be my second year participating, and I hope to read more books this year than last. I also hope to post in the comment section this year. It will be nice to talk to other people about the books we’re all reading.

And speaking of the books, what a great selection this year! Just like last year, I wrote down the most interesting ones based on the synopses. I never have the time to read all 18, so I picked just 5 to start with. Here are the ones I’m hoping to start off my 2019 reading with:

  • The Mars Room
  • Milkman
  • My Sister, the Serial Killer
  • Warlight
  • Speak No Evil

These are ones I will definitely read. Let me know in the comments if you all have read any of these, and if so, how were they? Better start placing my library holds now…

Starting January 01 I will begin my TOB reading, and will do so until the tournament in March. And feel free to share your own TOB to-read lists!

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