TBR Cleanup

Happy snowy Saturday, friends. I don’t know about you guys, but here in Ohio we got about 6 inches of snow yesterday. The roads were so bad I had to call off work. That’s okay, though—snow days are for reading, and that’s exactly what I did.

This year I am fiercely determined to reach my goal of 50 books. I always start the year off strong, but then slowly my reading comes to a grinding halt. I always fall in and out of reading. For 2019, I’m hoping that doesn’t happen. I think my new job is going to help with that. I’m surrounding by and working with books all day long. It’s a huge motivator, especially to read new releases. I can even buy new releases from my company for only $4 each! It’s like a dream come true!

Another perk: I can listen to audiobooks most days while working. This is a huge boost to my TBR. I look for short standalones that I wouldn’t mind listening to as opposed to reading. This has caused me to take a hard look at my virtual TBR on Goodreads. Since joining in 2014, I added a crazy number of books to my TBR. Like, 600+ books. And many of them were really crappy-looking books that only had, like, 50 ratings. I’m not saying you should only read megahits… Personally, I usually don’t find independently-published books very good. I’ve read quite a few of them, and to be frank, they are either bad or so-so and take time away from reading books I actually have an interest in reading. There are books I want to read that turn out to be bad, but that’s okay because I was interested in them in the first place. That’s what I mean when I say it’s important to read bad books. However, I don’t think you should actively search for bad books and read them. Don’t waste your time!

Anyway. The point is, I went through my TBR looking for audiobooks and, along the way, re-read the synopses for every book on my list. If it sounded good, I kept it; if it didn’t I deleted it. Tastes change. Interests change. Standards change. Guess what my TBR sits at now? A little over 300 books. That is SO MUCH BETTER. I know there are more books out there that I haven’t added to it yet, but at least now I know the books on there are actually books 22-year-old me is going to want to read.

It feels like a huge weight off my shoulders having trimmed down my TBR list. You should definitely give it a try. Books I wanted to read when I was 17 are not always books I still want to read today. And that’s okay! Because I have my whole life to read whatever I want, old or new, and I’m starting to feel content with the whole thing. I shouldn’t feel pressured to read certain things. This year, I’m going to read what makes me happy.

Happy Saturday, and happy reading ❤

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