Confession: I Am a Series Quitter

Listen—we all do it. There’s no reason to be ashamed. And yet, I am. Quitting a series is really hard for me. And disappointing. The reason I quit a series isn’t always because I don’t like it. That can be the case, but sometimes it’s not. Sometimes, there are other reasons.

Series I Started but Never Did (and Never Will) Finish, Because…

…It’s Not Interesting Enough

Let me tell you right now, I never really expected to like The Program or Crash or Panic a whole lot. But Beautiful Creatures? I liked that book! But the sequel killed it for me. It bored me to tears. And that really disappointed me. When the film adaptation of Beautiful Creatures came out, I was like, Hmm, maybe this will reignite my interest in the series! …Nope. Pass.

…Too Much Time Passed Between Readings

These are series I absolutely LOVED while reading them. I mean, you kind of have to love a series to read 5 books… (Mortal Instruments) But that sixth… I never read it. And it haunts me to this day, guys. Haunts me. I even bought it on vacation the month it came out. Why did I never read it? Because I had read all 5 books probably a year before the sixth came out, and by then—being the avid reader I am—I felt like I needed to read the whole damn series again in order to remember what was going on! And I just did not have that kind of time. So, it sat on my shelf for 5 years until I donated it. I know, I know. I am a disappointment. (So was the film adaptation…yikes.) The same situation happened with the Hush, Hush, Dark Inside, and Pure series. I loved all of these series—especially Dark Inside holy hell—but too much time passed between books. (Also I hear Hush, Hush is going to be a movie now??? What???) And though my interest remains, it’s just not strong enough to get me to re-read all the previous books in order to remember the storylines. RIP, friends…

…I Grew Out of It

I lovelovelove the Percy Jackson series!! I read them in middle school and they will forever have a place in my heart and on my shelves. But by time Heroes of Olympus gained steam, I was in high school. I read the first two, but felt myself…. I don’t know. Not losing interest, necessarily, but I just couldn’t push through the series. And I didn’t want to force myself to love the story if I didn’t. I still think maybe I’ll try again sometime? But I don’t know. I started reading these way too late in the game…

…I Saw the Movies/TV Show First

DON’T KILL ME. It’s true. I haven’t read all the Harry Potter books. I KNOW, I KNOW. I’m losing followers left and right……….. My older brother was reading the books as they came out, but I wasn’t super into wizards and witches as a kid. Not in books, anyway. But movies? I watched all those movies at least 50 times. By time I took an interest in the books, I had those films memorized by heart. So reading books 1-3 was a s t r u g g l e. I hate watching the movies first. I hate that the movies kind of ruined the books for me. I swear I’ll read the rest one day, but not anytime soon. And this is exactly why I have a rule about reading books first.


…It Shouldn’t Have Been a Series in the First Place

UGGGGGGGGH. Okay, these just hurt me. They really, really do. Me After You was a brilliant novel that left me heartbroken but in a good way. The way you want to feel after reading an emotional book. It did not need a sequel. But guess what? She. wrote. one. And I read it. And did not care for it. And then she wrote another one!! Not falling for that again, no way. Not reading it. Can’t trick me again, Jojo, nice try girl. Now, To Kill a Mockingbird… a classic that really really really didn’t need a sequel some 50 years later. I mean, come on, who thought this was a good idea???? I haven’t read it, and am not sure I will… Oh, and last but NOT LEAST, The Giver. I thought this was a standalone when I read it in ninth grade. The ending? I’m going to spoil the ending, so in case you haven’t read it, please move on…


The ending. THEY DIED. Sorry. I know they didn’t actually, according to the rest of the series, but in my mind, they died. And there is no sequel. The end.


This is my confession. I know I’m not the only one out there who gives up on series, but it does hurt every time. Maybe that’s why I don’t read series very often anymore? And if I do, I usually wait until the entire series is out. Series are so hard for me. So if you ever wonder why most of my reviews are for standalones, this is why.

Anyone else give up on (or love) these series??? Am I alone???



2 thoughts on “Confession: I Am a Series Quitter

  1. GOT tonight second to last episode, whhhaaaatttt! Can’t wait…

    Great post. I have not intentionally quit series but just didnt go back though I think I will. I read Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series when it was new and anxiously awaited new releases. I DID NOT like the movie at all. The casting was all wrong but it didn’t have to be. I wish someone else would get their hands on this series and do it right, even a TV show. For me it’s too much time has passed and I think I sort of grew out of it. I’m not a huge fan of the direction her love interests took but there have been a lot of books published since I stopped. Friends of mine are still reading and love it (some referred by myself).

    Another series I’ve unintentionally stopped reading because too much time as passed is The Anna Pigeon series by Nevada Barr. These are great murder mysteries set in different parks, national parks mostly around the US. I really do want to return to this series but I do not remember the last one I’ve read and I’d have to go back to that in order to catch up. Writing this comment encourages me to give it a shot.

    If a show or movie comes out for a book I’m interested in but not super, I will watch the show and skip reading. Easier to do I think given how many books I want to read and how few are made into something visual and auditory.

    Again nice post.

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    1. Sooooo Game of Thrones is over and that series finale…left something to be desired. Ugh.

      As for the series you’ve mentioned, I haven’t read them, but I do relate to your points about why you stopped (even if unintentionally) reading them. I think it happens to all of us as readers.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your own points!

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