Dream Casting “Wilder Girls”

If you’re anything like me, you were quick to snatch a copy of Rory Power’s debut, Wilder Girls, earlier this month. The novel is very much a slow journey, but totally worth it—I finished it within a week (you can find my review here). Since then, I’ve been imaging how cool a movie version would be. It would be hard to film due to all the mutations, but with CGI and all that tech stuff these days, it’s totally possible. And it would make a great film.

I’ve always found dream casting to be such an interesting concept, but have never attempted one myself. Since I’ve had Wilder Girls on my mind for weeks now, I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. Here’s my dream cast for Wilder Girls.

Hetty — Maisie Williams

When the cover was first revealed for the novel, I immediately thought the girl looked like Maisie.

And I also just kind of assumed the girl on the cover was meant to be Hetty, so that’s how I pictured her throughout the novel. I think Maisie would play Hetty perfectly. I can’t see anyone else playing that character.

Byatt — Zendaya

Not sure if any physical attributes are assigned to Byatt in the novel, as I can’t really remember anything significant off the top of my head, but regardless, Zendaya would make a great Byatt. I think that character would be a challenge to play, but Zendaya would pull it off flawlessly.

Reese — Sophie Turner

I don’t know if it would be awkward playing Reese, with Maisie as Hetty, but I feel like Sophie is the perfect Reese! She’s such a great actress and I feel like she could best convey Reese’s cold shoulder attitude.

Ms. Welch — Kristen Stewart

I never liked Ms. Welch. I thought she was cold, delusional, and only in charge due to her age. I actually pictured her as Kristen Stewart while reading and I have no idea why. Maybe it was the short hair and cold stare, but I actually think this would be a spot-on casting choice.

Cat — Lana Condor

Though not a major character, Cat still plays a role in the novel and stuck out to me for some reason. I think she’s assumed to be Chinese-American, according to a review I read in Kirkus the other day. Anyway, I just remember when reading I was picturing Lana Condor, who is absolutely stunning in every way and would kill it as Cat. Maybe she could give Cat more screen time. I don’t know. I just love her.

Mr. Harker — Jake Gyllenhaal

With so few men making an appearance in the novel, I felt like I had to include a couple. Reese’s dad, Mr. Harker, was a hard casting choice for me. Probably the hardest. I wanted someone who looked plain and dad-like and groundskeeper-y, but I just couldn’t think of anyone and defaulted to Jake Gylenhaal because he’s beautiful and talented and I just saw him in the most recent Spider-Man movie so he was on my mind. Mr. Harker doesn’t get a lot of page-time in the book, but what little he does get is very significant and not an easy role to play. I think he’d do well, though. And he makes a pretty hot groundskeeper, but that’s okay, right?

Teddy — Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Another male, and my final casting choice: Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Teddy. This pick was a lot easier, as I pictured Thomas as Teddy but forgot what the actor’s name was… Oops! Another hard role to play, but after seeing Thomas in all three Maze Runner films, I think he would shine.

I hope I did okay with this first dream casting post. It’s definitely fun to imagine actors as the characters, but also super tough! I can’t imagine being in charge of casting an actual movie. Depending on how confident I feel after posting this, maybe I’ll more of these in the future!

Thanks for reading, and please let me know in the comments if you pictured any of the characters a certain way while reading! I’d love to hear other views on this particular book.

4 thoughts on “Dream Casting “Wilder Girls”

  1. (Spoiler) would be sad if Thomas Brodie -Sangster died as Teddy though… 😦 I was mega sad when he died as newt in maze runner.. his acting for dying is too good, not to mention it would be suicide, so big sad. 😦

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