5-Year Blogiversary

Wow. Five years. I have been blogging for five years. That’s like, the age of a child! My blog is a child! I can’t believe I’m still shouting into the void that is the internet, with all my ridiculously non-important thoughts about books and stuff. And I’m even more stunned that you guys follow me and like my posts. Seriously, thank you. I know I say this every year, but every view means so much to me. I wish I had a cake for this moment, and that I could share it with every one of you.

SOOOO much has changed since last year’s Blogiversary. Most important, I have a new job where I get to work with books every day!! I’ve never been happier. And maybe that’s how I’ve been staying so caught up on my Reading Challenge for this year! Check it out!

Look at this craziness! This time last year, I had only read 17 books. This year, I’m going all the way to fifty, guys, and maybe even surpassing it, being eight books (!!!!) ahead of schedule! Yeah. I’m really proud and happy. It’s definitely all that audiobook time at work. And also the fact that I get discounted new books and can borrow books for free at anytime! I love my job.

Because of this spike in reading, I’ve been bombarding my blog with book reviews. This year, I also decided to revamp my blog’s look (which is still in progress), as well as try blogging about more than just media (books, TV, movies), so we’ll see how that goes as I try that more and more.

As always, here are my blog’s all-time stats from last year, compared with this year’s:

Last Year

Total Posts: 256
Total Views: 9,940
Total Visitors: 5,962

Total Followers: 430

This Year

Total Posts: 338
Total Views: 13,204
Total Visitors: 8,242

Total Followers: 550

Again, thank you all for any views, likes, comments, and follows—it means more to me than you’ll ever know, though I’ll continue to run this blog long after you all lose interest.

My official Blogiversary is August 9th, but I was so busy with my girlfriend’s birthday (on the 10th) and finishing up The Goldfinch (a long 32-hour endeavor) that I didn’t write my post until now. Oops. There’s always next year to be on time…and maybe make a cake, too!

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