Finale | book review


Author: Stephanie Garber
Series: Caraval, #3
Format: eBook
Page Count: 473
Publisher: Flatiron Books
Original Publication Date: 2019
Genre(s): Young adult, Fantasy, Romance

Two months have passed since Tella won Caraval and discovered Legend’s true identity. While Legend is gearing up to become the empire’s new leader, the now-freed Fates are preparing something of their own. What they have in store could change everything. With Tella’s heart torn between two, and Scarlett discovering a shocking truth, this is sure to be the most surprising and dangerous Caraval yet.

For the grand finale, we get both Tella and Scarlett’s alternating perspectives. The novel follows each Dragna sister on their own adventure to stop The Fallen Star, the most powerful and dangerous of all the Fates. Though together at times, the girls part ways in order to save the empire. As usual, I found myself more interested in Tella’s story. Her relationship with both boys is intense, and her journey more adventurous and fun to read. For me, Scarlett is kind of boring, and her storyline just didn’t entice me. Also there was almost no romance with Julian. The romance is honestly the best part about this series, let’s be real.

That being said, I still dislike both characters. Tella is immature, whiny, and jealous, while Scarlett is almost personality-less and sometimes a little less than intelligent. I can’t stand either one of them. Though I will say Tella at least kind of undergoes a character arc, and I liked her significantly more towards the end of the book.

Unfortunately, again, the writing just let me down. Worldbuilding was minimal, dialogue was forced and too explanatory, and certain plot points were introduced only to be cut off almost immediately, or to just go nowhere and never be explained. Which makes me really sad, because this could be such a cool world to continue and explore.

As a final installment in a series, I’d say this was a fine one. The action was intense, the romance delicious, and the ending wrapped up just the right amount, if not a bit rushed. I wish I liked the characters a little more, but mostly I wish in could get into the writing. However, I am glad I stuck with the series. It was worth a read, and has piqued my interest in the fantasy genre again. A nice middle-of-the-road YA series. Give it a chance.

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