2020 Bookish Resolutions

Happy New Year’s Day, everyone! It’s officially the year 2020. It blows my mind that we’ve entered a new decade, but I’m so ready to put the last few years behind me and make this my year. As a kid, my mom always made my brothers and me go around the room and discuss our New Year’s Resolutions. I always hated it. Not because I hate resolutions or anything. I’m actually a very goal-oriented person. I love planning. No, I hated it because I didn’t like sharing my goals with other people, because to me, that’s very personal. And if I didn’t meet those goals, then everyone else knew that and I felt embarrassed by that. Because yes, we did have to live up to those expectations. And it was awful.

Being an adult sucks, but at least I don’t have to do that nonsense anymore. This year, though, I’ve decided to get back into resolutions, but rather than about making money and losing weight, they will all be about—I know this will shock you—BOOKS! These are the types of resolutions I’m happy to both set and share. My life revolves around books: taking pictures of books, talking about books, writing about books, even working with books at my job! This year, I’ve even purchased an Always Fully Booked 2020 planner from Little Inklings Design, which I’m super pumped about and actually has a section in it dedicated to bookish goals! Very exciting.

So, even though I’m going to be writing down my bookish resolutions inside my Fully Booked planner, I thought I’d also share them here with all of you.

2020 Bookish Goals

Read 65 Books

My goal for 2019 was to read 50 books, which I either thought I wouldn’t accomplish or I’d just barely make it right before NYE. To my surprise, I actually surpassed that goal and managed to read 62 books last year, a whopping 12 additional books than planned!! If you’re someone who reads hundreds of books a year, that may not seem very impressive to you, but I’ve been struggling the past few years to even read 30 books per year. So making it to 62 books was amazing. Which means, of course, that this year, my goal is to read 65 books. Think I can make it?

Read More ‘New’ Books

I have a never-ending TBR list. Many of them are classics that I’ve never gotten around to reading, and a large amount of them are contemporary books from the past couple years that are backlogged and I’m trying to catch up on. But to stay current in the bookish world, you’ve got to read what’s coming out now. Working with a company that distributes newly published titles is really going to help me achieve this goal, I just need to start dedicating myself to it!

Read More Classics/Canon

This goal totally contradicts my last one, but I really do think reading the classics is both important and entertaining. They’re ‘classic’ for a reason: they’re timeless. They’re still relevant today. And I don’t want to die having never read Jane Eyre.

Go to A Book Convention

This has been a dream of mine for the past couple years. Living in Ohio is a major issue when it comes to bookish conventions. The only one close enough to me that I’ve been able to go to is the West Virginia Book Festival, which was a delight because I got to hear Neil Gaiman speak (!!!!) and was featured in a photo on his Twitter (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and purchased a signed copy of American Gods (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). But all the big ones are in New York and California, and those are the ones I’m dying to attend. I have my eye set on BookCon, but with saving for a new house and possibly a car, I’m not sure I’ll make it this year. You never know, though…

Meet A Writer

In 2018 I met my absolute favorite contemporary author John Green AND his brother Hank, who I am also obsessed with. It was an absolute dream and nothing in my life will ever compare to that moment. But I also really want to meet more of my favorite authors! So, even if I can’t make it to BookCon this year, I’d really like to attend another author tour and, even if I don’t meet them, at least listen to them speak.

Be More Active on Bookstagram & Blog More

Though I really improved both my bookstagram and my blog last year, I want to take it even further this year by being more active. I’m hoping to post more on my own sites, but also interact more with the community and comment on other people’s posts, too! My bookish platforms mean a lot to me, and I want to dedicate more time to them this year.

Read Books in Accordance with Holidays

This one is more just for fun that anything else. I really like celebrating bookish holidays, but I also think it would be fun to start reading books that relate to the holidays, such as reading horror books in October and Christmas-y books in December. I love theme-ing!

So that’s it for my 2020 bookish resolutions. If you also set these kinds of goals for yourself, I’d love to hear about them! Drop your lists in the comments, or link to your own posts!

Happy reading this year, everyone!

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