Book Blog Topic Ideas

New year, a whole set of new blog posts you now need to come up with, write, and schedule!

It can get…overwhelming, for sure. It’s also kind of hard to just come up with a bunch of topics to write about, especially if you’re new to this. Or, if you’ve been blogging for a while now and feel like you’ve run out of ideas!

Well, good news: I’m here to share some topic ideas that I’ve come up with myself or discovered from other blog posts like these. There are so many different things you can write about regarding books or book-related things, so obviously this is not a comprehensive list. However, it can be helpful if you’re new to blogging or feel like you’ve run out of ideas! So, scroll through these ideas, and jot down any that seem fun or interesting. Even if you can only find one good idea in this list, that’s still a success in my mind.

Book Blog Topics to Write About

  • Book reviews.
  • If you like ____, you’ll love ____! Basically, comparing two books that are similar in theme/topic/style.
  • 10 literary quotes about _____. Picking your favorite quotes from books, whether your favorite quotes of all-time, or maybe by genre!
  • The best ways to tackle your TBR.
  • Great books and when to read them. Coming up with various scenarios (on vacation, after a break-up, when you’re home alone, when you’re in love, etc., and then pairing those situations with books to read!
  • Anticipated books of ______. This can be upcoming books of the year, of the month, or just in general!
  • Anticipated book-to-screen movies and TV shows. Same as above: upcoming this month, this year, or just known to be in the works!
  • Bookish resolutions or goals. This one is great for the end or beginning of the year, kind of like new year’s resolutions.
  • Weekly/monthly/yearly recaps or wrap-ups.
  • Bookstore or library hauls.
  • Best books of ______ (the month, the year, the decade, all-time).
  • Bookish gift ideas. This one is fun to post around Christmas, or just in general for birthdays or other gift-giving holidays.
  • Books to read this _______ (season or holiday). Everyone loves a good time-of-year theme!
  • What _____ should you read next? Themes are fun. Maybe books of a certain genre? Or just books in general!
  • My favorite ______. Favorite books of all-time or just of a certain genre.
  • DNFing book: yes or no? This is definitely a much-talked-about topic in the book world!
  • Favorite series! Whether of a certain genre or just in general. (I still think it’s weird that series is both plural and singular…)
  • Dream-casting _____. Pick a book and come up with a celebrity cast if you were to cast the movie!
  • What’s on my TBR. In general, or just this month.
  • Books featuring ______ (POC, LGBTQ+ characters, war, characters with chronic illness, etc.)
  • Why do I read?
  • People who have inspired me to read.
  • Series vs standalones? Which do you prefer? Or maybe books that became series that you wish were standalone (and vice versa).
  • Tips for how to read more books.
  • TBR cleanup. How to clean up our TBR, or maybe reasons why you should/shouldn’t.
  • Bookish pet peeves.
  • Bookish subscription boxes. Ones you love or ones you desperately want!
  • Guest posts. Maybe have a fellow blogger or friend write a post or book review that you can feature on your blog!
  • Audiobooks: yay or nay?
  • eBooks: love ’em or hate ’em?
  • Favorite bookstores/places to buy books.
  • Book blogs everyone should be following! Share the best book blogs you follow. This can also be done for book Twitter accounts, #bookstagram accounts, or booktuber accounts!
  • How to get out of a reading slump.
  • Best bookish podcasts.
  • Best underrated or lesser-known books.
  • Unboxing posts. If you subscribe to bookish subscriptions, of course 🙂
  • Bookshelf tour! Share photos, a video, or just a description of what’s on your shelf.
  • Series/books I’ve been meaning to start but haven’t.
  • Book clubs. Do you want one? Why? Or, do you have one? What do you love about it?
  • Favorite/least favorite characters in literature.
  • Book playlists. Come up with songs that could be a playlist for a book you’ve read.
  • Books that make you crave food. Which books make you hungry for what food?
  • Blog post ideas. 🙂

I hope this has helped give you some ideas! Feel free to comment with some of your own go-to blog topics.

Happy blogging! 🙂

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