Top 10 Authors by the Numbers

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This Week

Authors I’ve Read the Most Books By

This was a really fun topic! I enjoyed seeing the numbers. But I did decide to split it between series vs standalones, because the numbers were all so close I had, like, 6-way ties. So I did 5 majority series authors and 5 standalones.

Top 10 Authors by the Numbers


14 books read — Lemony Snicket / Daniel Handler (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Why We Broke Up)

Why 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' Is Worth a Read

9 book read — J.R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood)

Books To Read if you Like the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series ...

9 books read — Ellen Schreiber (Vampire Kisses)

vampire kisses books | the vampire kisses series" - ellen ...

8 books read — Carrie Ryan (The Forest of Hands and Teeth)

Forest of Hands and Teeth (3 book series) Kindle Edition

8 books read — Kristin & P.C. Cast (House of Night)

House of Night Series Book Cover Art (Books 1 - 10) | House of ...


9 books read — John Green

Every John Green book ranked from great to best – Richmond Free Press

7 books read — Patrick Ness

the crash of hennigton | Tumblr

7 books read — David Levithan

David Levithan PH 🏳️‍🌈 on Twitter: "Look what I saw in the ...

7 books read — Ellen Hopkins

Ellen Hopkins in Towne! | Towne Book Center & Cafe

6 books read — Rainbow Rowell

Literature's John Hughes: Rainbow Rowell On Her Love Affair With ...

Wow. Those series ones are embarassing! All of those series were read when I was in middle school and early high school… As for the standalones, John Green is obviously my favorite so I knew he’d be on there. Rainbow Rowell is slowly making her way to my favorite. But the others are definitely high school era.

This would be really interesting to do again in another year or so, to see how the numbers change. I will definitely have to do this again. Share links to your own TTT post in the Comments!

15 thoughts on “Top 10 Authors by the Numbers

  1. I definitely think this prompt will be fun to do again in 3-5 years or so. Especially since even your top totals are low enough that if you find a new author you like with a huge back catalog, or one who becomes very prolific, it could totally transform. And of course, hopefully, the current authors will keep writing books you like, and their existing numbers climb.

    We don’t have a lot of crossover, but I’ve read a couple of John Green’s (the 2 biggies — Looking for Alaska and Fault In Our Stars), 3 of Rainbow Rowell’s, and you reminded me that Ellen Hopkins exists, so that’s the best thing about this post. I read a couple of hers in high school — I would have kept going but they were so INTENSE that I had to take a break, and apparently I just forgot to go back. I’m always hesitant about novels in verse, but I think she does hers very well.

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    1. I completely agree. I read a lot of series and multiple books by the same author in high school. But here recently I’ve just read a bunch of random standalones, so hopefully getting back into series again will increase my numbers for the next time I write this post.

      Haha, I honestly forgot Ellen Hopkins existed, too! I really enjoyed a few of her books, though I’m not sure I still would. But yes, very heavy content.

      I will definitely check out your list, too, thanks!


  2. Rainbow Rowell made my list with 6 books read too! I tried to get into John Green and read 2 (Paper Towns and Looking For Alaska), but he’s just not my jam. I may try one more before giving up though!

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