Palm Springs | movie review

Palm Springs

Motion Picture Rating: R
Release Date: 2020
Director: Max Barbakow
Runtime: 90 mins.

If you’ve watched the preview for Hulu’s Palm Springs and thought, um, this just looks like a modern-day Groundhog Day, you’re only half right.

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It does have the same premise—a man finds himself trapped in a time loop, living out the same day over and over again—but it’s a fresh take on that idea, and brings enough of its own humor and personality to make it stand out.

Palm Springs is about a guy named Nyles who winds up getting stuck in a time loop while attending a wedding in Palm Springs. He’s in there for a very long time—so long, he forgets what his life was even like before the loop. When he accidentally gets another wedding guest stuck with him, things start looking up for him. For her, not so much. Because when everything you do is meaningless and time never moves forward, what’s the point of living?

Honestly, this movie is perfect for our current situation. We’ve all been quarantined in our houses for almost 6 months, which literally feels like repeating the same day over and over again. A movie about a time loop is very fitting. Though the premise isn’t new or unique, I found Palm Springs refreshing, hilarious, and entertaining.

The best part of the movie is the cast, especially leads Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti. I wasn’t very familiar with Milioti, having only seen her as a cameo in one or two TV shows, but I really liked both her character and her acting. She paired really well with Samberg, of whom I’m a huge fan. He really was the selling point for me to watch this movie in the first place. His character is endearing despite his flaws and despondent in a comical way.

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If you’re looking for a refreshing rom-com with a sci-fi twist to get you through this pandemic, Palm Springs will at least get you through an hour and a half of it. It really is worth a watch. Available on Hulu now.

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