Rainbow Book Recs

Hello, friends. I had a lot of time off work last week, so I was feeling very colorful and bubbly. (It’s amazing what not working 40 hrs/week can do for your mood!) So, I decided to play a little game with cover art and color. I looked through my ‘Read’ shelf on Goodreads and picked out books that had covers with an overwhelming color featured on them. And I made a rainbow rec list, just for you!

Some of these books are old, some a little newer, but I hope you’re able to add at least one to your TBR. Or, if you’re just here for some colorful covers, that’s fine too!

10 thoughts on “Rainbow Book Recs

    1. Thank you! ✨ Me Before You was so SAD and I love that it killed me 😂 I hated that they turned it into a series though! I read book 2 and disliked it so much I didn’t read the third book lol.

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  1. The Martian is such a great book. I wanna read They Both Die in the End but I know it’s gonna be sad. Same goes for Me Before You, I have to really be in the mood for that kind of book.

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