Today Tonight Tomorrow | book review

Today Tonight Tomorrow

Author: Rachel Lynn Solomon
Series: n/a
Format: Audiobook
Length: 9 hours
Narrator: Rebekka Ross
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Original Publication Date: 2020
Genre(s): Young adult, Contemporary, Romance

It’s the last day of high school, which means it’s Rowan’s last chance to one-up her nemesis Neil McNair (AKA McNightmare). For four years they’ve been competing at everything — all leading up to which one of them will become their class’ valedictorian. When Neil wins the title, Rowan’s last chance to best him is Howl: a senior class game that combines Assassin with a scavenger hunt. Rowan is ready to destroy Neil once and for all — until she discovers a group of seniors are actually teaming up to beat them. Rowan and Neil decide to pair up and defeat their fellow classmates, so that when they’re the last two standing, the real game can begin. But over the course of the game, Rowan discovers her nemesis isn’t actually so bad. She honestly might be falling for him? Rowan’s last day of high school isn’t going according to plan, but it may actually turn out better.

Today Tonight Tomorrow is told in first person POV and follows Rowan on her last day of high school. Not only does this book have a rivals-to-lovers storyline (literally the best trope in all of literature), but it also has a high-stakes scavenger hunt set in Seattle!? Sign. Me. Up. Literally, please sign me up, that sounds like an amazing experience that I never got to have.

A list of things I never had that this book made me nostalgic for:

  • Amazing parents who are also writers and not divorced
  • A normal high school experience
  • Besties (that I’m not engaged to)
  • A life in a cool city like Seattle that I’ve lived in my whole life and know by heart
  • An academic rivalry with a cute boy
  • An epic scavenger hunt mixed with a game of Assassin that goes on all night long with a big prize

This book is excellent. I listened to it on audiobook and couldn’t put it down (turn it off?). I typically just listen to audiobooks while I’m working, and then I clock out and stop listening. But with Today Tonight Tomorrow, I was obsessed. I listened to it all night after work and could barely part with it to go to sleep. Everything about this book is amazing. I loved Rowan and Neil with my whole heart, both as individuals and as a ship. I loved the rivalry storyline as well as the epic game of Howl. I loved getting this special glimpse into Seattle, a city I’m obsessed with but have never been to. I loved the friendships as well as the romance between characters. I just loved it totally and completely.

This book is especially great because it covers a lot of topics. Consent is huge and shown throughout the book. Sex, masturbation, and periods are discussed openly. Anti-Semitism pops up and we get to see how the characters deal with it. Ugh, I just love books that have open discussions about these topics. Rowan speaks up on all of these and more, and it’s so refreshing to read about in a YA book. I love when writers can sprinkle in themes and topics without really pulling you out of the story or making it feel like a lecture.

This is my first Rachel Lynn Solomon book, and I have to say I’m slightly obsessed. I love stories like these, with the enemies-to-lovers characters, back-and-forth snippy dialogue between those characters, and something super cool and fun thrown in, like an epic game. This was exactly the book for me. It was really well written — not just for the sprinkle of important topics, but also realistic dialogue and an interesting story in general.

Oh, there is one line that I must share before ending this review. It made me choke on my own spit. “2001… That was before we were born.” DEAD. I literally died reading that. I am so old!! Anyway.

If you love contemporary YA romances, you absolutely need to read Today Tonight Tomorrow. ESPECIALLY if you love rivals-to-lovers. ESPECIALLY if you like scavenger hunts. And ESPECIALLY if you are graduating high school, soon to graduate, or just nostalgic about it having already happened. Really a great read that will keep you hooked from the start and leave you swooning by the end.

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