DEV1AT3 | book review


Author: Jay Kristoff
Series: LIFEL1K3, #2
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 419
Publisher: Knopf Books
Original Publication Date: 2019
Genre(s): Young adult, Science fiction, Dystopia

Lemon Fresh, Ezekiel, and Cricket have been dismissed from Evie’s life and booted out of Babel. But they don’t get far before Cricket’s new body shuts down, and they realize his battery is dead. Ezekiel decides to run back to Babel for a replacement, but splitting up is never a good idea. Lemon is kidnapped by a BioMaas hunter, and Cricket’s body is scavenged and sold to the Brotherhood. Ezekiel finds himself in an unpleasant alliance in order to save Lemon, find Cricket, and hopefully stop Evie and their siblings from finding the key to destroying humanity: Ana Monrova.

I can’t believe I didn’t think I’d like this series… Clearly, I am a sucker for anything Jay Kristoff writes.

DEV1AT3 begins immediately after the end of book 1 which, by the way, traumatized me. I was SO MAD at the way LIFEL1K3 ended. I was sure it had to get better, that book 2 was going to redeem Evie and everything would be fine. But then I remembered this is a Kristoff novel so I was probably very, very wrong. And I was. DEV1AT3 is told in the same POV as its predecessor: alternating third person chapters. Not a lot from Evie, which was fine with me because I hate her. We mostly get chapters from Lemon, Cricket (yeah, kind of weird), and Ezekiel. These three are separated for the entire book. Each is forced onto their own little adventure, so the alternating chapters really gives you a full 360-degree look at everything going on with everyone.

I liked the new characters introduced in this book, especially Grimm and Diesel and Solomon. I liked how fast-paced the book was, which was very fast thanks to three alternating but simultaneous storylines. I liked the plot and especially enjoyed Lemon’s story where I half guessed the twist, so kind of props to me, I guess. I loved getting close to Lemon and understanding her character beyond just the comical sidekick. She really is such a good person and I want to hug her for all she’s gone through. And poor Cricket! His pleas about not wanting to fight other robots made my heart hurt. Okay, and I love Zeke but he’s kind of a dummy, let’s be real… Still felt bad for him, but also, dude, why?

I’m not sure I liked DEV1AT3 better than the first book, but the two are definitely close in terms of how much I enjoyed them. Very rare in terms of sequels for me, as I usually like them significantly less than book 1. But, as I’ve come to realize with Jay Kristoff books, even the sequels are amazing. They’re not just a bridge to the last book — they actually have substance.

I realize this is a pretty basic and messy review, and I apologize for that. I haven’t really been in the right headspace for reviews, but I really didn’t want to just rate this book 5 starts and not mention how good it is. Obviously if you read LIFEL1K3 and enjoyed it, you’re going to enjoy book 2 just as much. I hope we get a better conclusion for Evie in book 3, and I swear if Jay kills any of these beautiful characters I will not forgive him. I’m still not over Kaiser, okay? So, no more. Please. I beg of you.

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