Some Girls Do | book review

Some Girls Do

Author: Jennifer Dugan
Series: n/a
Format: Audiobook
Length: 9 hours
Narrator: Nora Hunter, Bailey Carr
Publisher: Listening Library
Original Publication Date: 2021
Genre(s): Romance, Young adult, Queer

Morgan is a track star at her private Catholic school but is forced to transfer during her senior year when her identity is called into question. Apparently, being queer goes against the school’s code of conduct. At her new public school, Morgan is out and proud and loud about it – no one’s going to force her back into the closet ever again. But when she falls for (most likely) straight-girl Ruby, things get…complicated.

Ruby spends countless hours prepping and participating in beauty pageants, though she hasn’t come in first place for years now. And besides, being a pageant queen isn’t her dream – it’s her mom’s. What Ruby really enjoys is fixing up cars and taking care of her own beautiful Ford Torino. When she runs into Morgan – literally runs into her – she forces down all the feelings trying to bubble up. Because Ruby knows how her mom would react, and she’s just not ready to deal with that right now. Or ever.

Some Girls Do is a queer romance – dare I say, queer sports romance? – told in alternating perspectives from both Morgan and Ruby’s POV. The story follows Morgan as she tries to fight her old school on its homophobia, as well as Ruby’s struggle to please her mom despite living a life that doesn’t really feel like her own. Both storylines are equally interesting and really add depth to the romance part of the novel. It’s definitely a bit of a slow burn romance, as well as a light contemporary enemies-to-lovers, so if you’re into that, you’ll enjoy the story.

Morgan and Ruby are both very young and very realistic. Both girls have flaws and make some serious mistakes, but they’re also sympathetic and likeable. I definitely related to Ruby the most, what with having a suffocating, homophobic mom. But I could also understand Morgan and her side of things. I love dual perspectives because it makes it easier to sympathize with both characters, and that was very much accomplished here.

The story is interesting, but absolutely predictable. The novel isn’t revolutionary or anything, but it is a great queer story and a cute romance. There’s a lot of queer representation present and the characters are diverse. If you’re looking for a quick, easy queer romance, Some Girls Do is a great one to pick up.

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