7-Year Blogiversary

HOLY CRAP! You guys, it’s my blogiversary! 🎉✨🎈 I can’t believe I’ve been writing book reviews for seven whole years!

Last year we were knee-deep in the COVID-19 pandemic, and I’m sad to see how little progress we’ve made here in the U.S. I was able to get vaccinated in April/May, but so many of us here in the States still haven’t — and most of those individuals don’t even plan on doing it. The Delta variant is raging and me and my fiancée are back to wearing masks. I can’t believe this is still happening. I wish I lived in another country…

On a personal note, not a whole lot has happened this past year. I finished therapy and feel so much better about myself and my mental health. I still struggle a lot with anxiety, self-image, and panic attacks, but overall therapy has truly changed my life for the better. Another great thing — my dad moved about an hour closer to me, so I have been able to see him a lot more this year. I myself moved, too! I upgraded from a tiny 1-bedroom apartment to renting a 3-bedroom house! It’s amazing and so much closer to work, and my fiancée and me and our dog are very happy. Other than that, I turned 25 and dyed my hair pink. So all in all, a good year so far.

Onto the book stuff. I’ve already completed my Goodreads challenge, but only because I set a very low goal for the year.

I was supposed to be focusing on reading long books (Moby Dick) and listening to long audiobooks (A Game of Thrones), but I got caught up in other books. So now I’m working on those long books and hopefully sticking with them, but you all know me: I can’t stick to a TBR to save my life.

Social media-wise, I’ve been struggling to maintain motivation. I’ve started posting book reviews and bookish things on TikTok this year in addition to my Insta and blog, so it’s been crazy to say the least. But even with all the busyness, I’ve gained almost 100 followers since last August, and I’ve doubled my views and visitors! Not too bad!

Last Year

Total Posts: 418
Total Views: 17,906
Total Visitors: 11,716

Total Followers: 656

This Year

Total Posts: 496
Total Views: 32,294
Total Visitors: 22,965

Total Followers: 735

Honestly, it’s crazy that anyone follows me at all, let alone all you wonderful people who actually read my posts and make Comments. You’re all truly amazing, and I appreciate every single one of you ❤ Thanks for reading, and I hope you’re all having as good (and safe) a year as I am. Here’s to another year of blogging!

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